Here’s the moving and storage advice that will change your moving experience forever

August 23, 2018

Finding a new place in the city is a blessing. The smell of fresh paint, new drapes, bright sunshine and dust-free living, are irreplaceable. However, before you can enjoy every bit of your new home, you need to clean out your old one, box your old items and arrange for the moving truck to pull up right when you are ready. A few tips and tricks can change the way you experience and enjoy apartment living.

We have packed nine points of advice that can change the way you have always packed, unpacked and moved –

  • Free packing boxes – moving can be costly. You need to cut costs every way you can manage that includes finding free boxes before beginning your packing. The Craig’s List free section, your neighborhood bodega, local grocery stores and clothing shops can give you access to free sturdy boxes for packing the stuff for moving.
  • Don’t discount hangers – while folding and packing, do not take clothes off their hangers. Zip-tie the top and plastic wrap the clothes before putting them in the box. That way you can unpack the box, unfold them and hang them.
  • Don’t take the drawers out –if you are moving within the city, you do not need to worry about taking the drawers out of the furniture. Load them up with the help of heavy-load moving services Melbourne and unload the same way, ready for use.
  • Have a color code –the easy way to sort the things according to rooms is to color-code them. Use different color markers or stickers to signify the specific rooms each box will go to. Keep a legend or color-key for your use just in case the moving hustle confuses you.
  • Packing the crockery – every modern home has some amount of China. They don’t have to be fancy, but putting away broken pieces after a move is not pleasant. Pack them vertically like vinyl records with bubblewraps between them to reduce their chances of breaking.
  • Packing glass frames and mirrors – while you need to pack each one separately inside generous volume of bubblewrap, you should also label each box as “fragile” for the mover’s discretion.
  • Use your linens smartly – you can save a few more bucks on bubblewrap by using the towels and linens you have to pack the fragile items in your apartment. The best Movers in Boston MA advice using clothing as padding to save space and reduce the load.
  • Packing a TV – buying a 52-inch LED TV is fun, but packing it for moving is tricky. You need a towel to cover the screen, wrap that in bubblewrap, find the original box it came in and ensure that you are transporting it in an upright position. That will reduce the chances of damage.
  • Filling the holes in a wall – it might not be a moving tip, but leaving behind small holes in the wall can cost you your security deposit or at least a part of it. You should try rubbing a bar of soap or a small colorless candle on the flat surface with the hole to make it inconspicuous.

These nine tips and tricks can make moving from one apartment to another a lot more fun and a lot less hassle for all new homeowners.

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