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September 11, 2015

I love love love travel products! Thus, when I am asked to review the latest and greatest, I am always thrilled. RuMe asked me to test some of theirs and they truly are the best on the market. Why not look fabulous while exploring the world (even if you are deliriously jet lagged)? Before I start packing, I always lay out all of my travel products on a clean bed. First, I begin with my carry-on. Here are the travel products I was sent that I found to be both gorgeous and practical at the same time (and they all fit inside of my Louis Vuitton carry-on perfectly):

Jet Set

The Jet Set is the most functional travel organizer you will ever own, period. If you are only going to buy one travel product before your next trip, make sure it is this! This handy toiletry and jewelry bag is loaded with clever functions and pockets, making packing, traveling, and organizing seamless. Two TSA-compliant pouches can be easily removed for security checks and the cosmetic brush holder also snaps in and out easily (toss it in your purse while visiting your destination). Translucent zippered compartments allow you to easily see your jewelry, while keeping your necklaces from tangling and a metal hook holds the bag as it hangs in your hotel closet or on the bathroom door. This travel organizer might just change the way you manage your Jet Set life. I chose the Emerson pattern, because pink is my favorite color.

Garment Travel Organizer

You can finally say goodbye to suitcase wrinkles and packing confusion, as the Garment Travel Organizer transforms your packing, unpacking, and living-away-from-home process into utter bliss. This two-sided travel bag enables you to pack suits and dresses lengthwise on hangers. Then, flip the bag over and pack other essentials in one of four brilliant packing cubes. (Packing cubes in a garment bag? Yes!) These see-through pockets make it easy to find the items you need rather than digging around a suitcase. Two buckles secure the bag when folded or enable you to hang the GTO from a closet rod. Again, I chose the Emerson pattern, because it really defines my sense of style.

Baggie All

For the Baggie All, I chose an aqua ikat pattern, so that I could easily spot it inside of my carry-on. Since the Baggie All is the ultimate organization system for loose items — when I travel in the future I plan to put all of my most valuable items inside of it, such as my passport, wallet, pen for filling out documents, etc. The three zippered pockets add three-times the organization, keeping everything separated and thus organized! The last thing you want to do is to arrive at a new destination and not know where your essentials are.

Other uses for the Baggie All: Purse organizer, travel toiletry bag, phone accessories organizer, makeup bag, school supplies organizer, and diaper bag organizer.


These ingenious, reusable screen cleaners are probably one of my most favorite inventions! My iPhone is constantly dirty, thanks to my son who loves to play with it and chew on it. The cClean is antibacterial, hand-washable, and sticks to the back of your tablet or phone (anything with a touch screen), so that you never lose it. The non-residue adhesive leaves no trace and yet clings so that it is always there when you need it. You can remove oil, dust, and bacteria from your device and feel good about the fact that you are not filling a landfill with disposable wipes. I chose the aqua ikat pattern again, because I thought it best matched my current iPhone case.

Other uses for the cClean: Sunglass cleaner, eyeglass cleaner, touch-screen cleaner, GPS screen cleaner, and tablet cleaner.

Make sure that on your next grand adventure to include some of the RuMe travel products in your luggage. They have free standard shipping to take advantage of as well. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram for travel inspiration. I promise they will at least make the packing and unpacking process of your trip fun. I think my next purchase from them will be this, as it is one of my favorite sayings in life. Dream big!

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