Everything You Need To Know About Buying Snow Gear

August 24, 2018

Planning a ski holiday? Are not sure what to buy or pack? Then we are here to help. We have covered why snow and ski gear is so important and the main essentials you will need.

Why Is Proper Snow/Snowboarding/Ski Gear So Important?

Before you even think about hitting the slopes you need to have the right equipment. No matter whether you are snowboarding, going to ski, or just hanging around in the snow you need to wear the right clothing and have all the right gear. You need the right clothing for the temperatures. It can plummet during the night and be very cold during the day. So, it is vital you keep warm. The other reason is safety. You need all the right equipment for the sport you are taking part in otherwise you can be injured or injure someone else.

What Are The Essentials?

So, when shopping for equipment, you do not need to buy the whole store. You can purchase whatever you like but there are a few essentials you need and these include:

⦁         Helmet – A helmet is vital when taking part in snow sports. You can fall and hit your head easily so it is important you are protected. Other people can injure you to so you need a helmet. Look for helmets with a multi-directional impact protection system as these helmets offer the best protection.

         Goggles – When taking part in snow sports it is essential that you can see. On the slopes the sun is more intense and is brighter due to the white snow. This can make it nearly impossible to see at times. With that said, goggles are essential. Not only will these act as sunglasses but will also protect your eyes from the snow which can cause irritation. Sunglasses are not good enough for snow sport as your eyes can be irritated in the cold temperatures.

⦁         Pants – As the temperatures are very cold it is best to choose winter pants with insulation. The insulation will keep you warm from the cold air and when you fall in the snow. You may fall in the snow a lot which can wet your clothes so it is important that your outer layers are waterproof. So, the main two things you need are insulation and pants that are waterproof.

         Jacket – Just like the pants, your jacket needs to be insulated and waterproof. You will have layers on underneath so make sure your jacket is big enough to be zipped up with multiple layers. It would be better if your jacket had pockets so you can keep hold of your important items such as your money or phone. You can also get jackets with zips so if you feel too hot you can unzip areas of the coat to let cool air in but you won’t be cold as you do not have to remove the coat.

⦁         Layers – The jacket and pants are not warm enough for the cold temperatures, so the layers you wear are important. Any tops or pants you wear underneath should be fleece or wool. You can also buy specially designed clothing to wear under your jacket and pants to suit the weather and sports.


If you do not want to buy then you can hire equipment too. The ski resort you visit can hire out any equipment you need. This is perfect for anyone who wants to try snow sports without paying a lot of money for the equipment.

Speak to a Japan ski holiday specialist to learn more about buying snow gear for your next holiday. You can also talk about skiing in Japan and snow holidays in Japan.

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