Best Holidays For Kids

February 20, 2019

Planning a vacation when you have kids are scary. You have to take into account their preferences and whether the places you are visiting are kid-friendly or not. So, Luxury Retreats becomes something that you do not have the time to plan at the drop of a hat.

However, it is easy to figure out the areas where you can have your family fun without any worries. Take a look at these areas and whether any of these pique your interest.

Miami Beach

This is one of the hippest and happening party locations in the world. However, it has tons of scenic beauty, fantastic food, and the best places to roam around in. If you want your kids to run wild while you enjoy yourselves, get them a chance to build sandcastles while you let your hair down and finally read that book you have postponed for so long.

Remember to carry a lot of sunscreens if you are hitting up Miami in the summers, as the sunburn is no joke, and you do not want to see skin shedding and your kids crying everywhere either.

For younger kids, the Children’s Museum in Miami leads to a fun jungle ride they are sure to enjoy.

Millenium Park

The Bean! Millenium Park is an attraction for all ages. If you are looking for some fun-filled family activities, this is the park to hit up. You would find sculptures (most famously “The Bean”), playful fountains, and even yoga lessons. This is one of those spaces where you can have family fun without worry. What is more, the park is situated in the hubbub of a city, which offers the best in cuisine from all around the world.

So, when the kids do get hungry from all the playing, you have the rare chance to enjoy yourself an exact blue fancy meal that you have been craving since, pregnancy days.


The best way to test your kid’s resiliency to international waters is to take them to Mexico. Cancun falls squarely into that sweet spot. Filled with naturally formed rivers and creeks, with areas where you can swim and forget yourself this is a space out of a vacationers dream. Do not forget to take your kids to the underground rivers and show them the creepy and scary structures inside there.

There are also theme parks and manatees to play around with if your kid wants to, so, overall this is one of the best areas to have fun in.

For the adult side, of course, Cancun offers beautiful seafood restaurants and luxury resorts for relaxation and that extra pampering that all parents need sometimes.

Disney World

You do not start a list about family-friendly destinations and not include Disney World. The twinkle in a little one’s eye as their childhood characters come to life is worth the splurge in itself. However, Disney World offers a multitude of rides and experiences for people of all ages. Your kids can play dress-up and enjoy the attractions created by Disney and you can enjoy playing around with the hundreds of activities offers all around the site. 

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