4 Tips for Proper Nutrition Before a Workout

February 20, 2019

Even if your mind is focused and ready for a workout, your body won’t perform at its peak unless you feed it the proper nutrition.

Choosing the correct foods and drinks can become the difference between a workout that pushes your body forward, or an average workout that simply maintains your progress. Check out these four tips which you can easily follow each day to make sure you are getting the right fuel before you train!

Tip 1: Avoid Simple Sugars

One of the worst mistakes you can make before heading to a workout is loading your body with simple sugars. Although many people believe that simple sugars supply your body “quick fuel” for workouts or athletic competitions, the problem is that they can also cause your body to crash just as easily.

Drinking a small number of simple sugars in a sports isotonic or sports drink throughout your training session can provide your body with reasonable extra fuel, but you want to avoid loading up on too many simple sugars overall.

Opt for complex forms of sugar or choose simple sugars from good sources of micronutrients and elements such as honey, maple syrup, and various fruits.

Tip 2: Intake Enough Quality Dietary Fats

The best long-lasting source of fuel for your body is dietary fats.

Unlike simple sugars, eating a small amount of healthy dietary fats before your workout will not weigh you down or cause a mental crash, and it will supply your body with necessary energy. A perfect example of this is peanut butter.

Many people can get away with eating a “meal” as simple as peanut butter and bananas before their workout!

Other options for healthy dietary fat include coconut oil, other nut butters, fish (such as tuna), avocados and more.

Tip 3: Drink Enough Fluids

One of the worst ways to ruin a workout session is by failing to drink enough fluids and getting a cramp.

Although water is the optimal fluid to drink in most occasions, there are other options as well. Drinking sports drinks can supply your body with both water for hydration and electrolytes to assist your body further.

Many people love to drink pre-workout products before training. However, artificially created pre workout products can contain high doses of caffeine and other ingredients which can promote sweating and dehydration. Choosing a natural pre workout alternative such as green tea or coffee can improve your focus and work capacity, and they won’t cause dehydration.

Tip 4: Don’t Eat Too Much Fiber

Besides not drinking enough water, one of the other major mistakes you can make in your pre-workout nutrition is eating too much fiber. Foods which contain too much fiber can cause your stomach bloat and impact your comfort while training.

Although fiber is necessary for your overall health, reserve it for after your workouts!

Concluding Thoughts

Maintaining the motivation to get to the gym for a workout is difficult enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not your body will perform once you get there as well.

These four simple tips can easily impact how strong and comfortable your body feels while you are training. Proper nutrition is crucial to improving your health- regardless of your goals.

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