The three best residential plumbing systems and their importance

August 24, 2018

Plumbing is an integral aspect of residential construction. People mulling over their residential plumbing investments concentrate over two factors, i.e., the cost and durability. Other than these two factors, there’s yet another aspect that is crucial. It’s the type of material that is of equal importance. It’s essential to keep in mind the user safety. If a plumbing system is developed using low-quality materials, you can’t expect it to function safely, regardless of its well-designed look.

When judging a material or a product, the plumber needs to consider a few factors like:

  • Is the plumbing material perfect for the application?
  • Will it harm the customer’s health during daily use?
  • Do the materials used pose environmental risk?

An expert plumber or plumbing service provider needs to ask these questions on behalf of their customers. Any valve, pipes, taps and other types of fitting used to remove wastewater or supply drinking water should be free from any harmful and toxic substances. The elements leading to contamination are arsenic, calcium, and lead. It’s essential for a service provider to understand the material quality of the taps, pipe, fittings, and valves thoroughly. Staying self-informed is critical. Equally crucial is to take into consideration the environmental factors like cold, contraction, heat, expansion as well as corrosion that keeps water consumption secure for the consumers at large.

The multiple types of residential plumbing systems in use

Today, numerous types of pipes get used in residences. The pipes throw dirty water out and bring fresh water for daily use. The tubes also carry gas and transfer it to the oven for cooking purposes. Every pipe has an individual use in residential plumbing. People have grown used to these pipes. And being complacent, they don’t pay attention to the pipes till such time there are functional issues.

Want to know the standard residential plumbing system types used in a modern household? If yes, take note of the three plumbing system discussed below.

1. The gas plumbing system

There’s more to residential plumbing system than water. Propane and natural gas are common aspects of a new age home. These two fuels keep residents warm during the winter months. It also helps in daily chores such as cooking regular meals.

Gas plumbing systems usually depend on the black iron pipes. These pipes carry the fuel to the stove, oven, furnace and even the BBQ grill. Also, these pipes remain attached to one another with the help of threaded fittings that looks like a screw and gets sealed at the connection points. The seal acts as a safety net that prevents the gas from leaking out and creating havoc in residence.

An expert gas plumber or plumbing service provider will help you get organized. You can search depending on your location. For instance, you can look for plumber in Long Beach and browse through the results before you zero in on a service provider.

2. The water supply plumbing system

It is the most common plumbing system people are aware of. Water supply in your interior renders fresh water to showers, sinks, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers and many more. The water here gets supplied from a private well located inside your property. The other source is the municipal water supply.

The majority of the water supply plumbing system depends on copper pipes. The other alternative is the cross-linked polyethylene plumbing pipes. The material differs based on the residence age as well as local building codes. Water plumbing systems also take care of sewage requirements. A drain-waste vent helps to do away with grey water. It, in turn, regulates the air pressure in pipes. The process effectively keeps all dirty water from sinks, showers, and toilets flowing freely. For more information about plumbing services head over to Inner City Plumbing.

Additionally, when you use a sloped pipe system having traps in each, it keeps solids and liquids freely flowing so that there’s no clogging in the pipe. The traps assist in preventing the sewage gasses from penetrating the plumbing system and reaching the users’ residence. There are several kinds of water plumbing systems, such as:

  • One-pipe plumbing systems
  • Two-pipe plumbing systems
  • One –pipe partly ventilated plumbing systems
  • Single stack plumbing systems

 3. The exterior plumbing systems

The sprinkler systems, hot tubs and swimming pool all depend on the exterior plumbing systems. This system further relies on a set of drip irrigation tubes and plastic pipes, which keeps the water exactly where users need it.

Furthermore, exterior plumbing also comprises of exterior drainage systems like septic tanks, drainage pipes, and gutters. The networks make sure that water doesn’t collect and get stored close to your property. It might lead to extensive damages to your building structure and its base.

Before you invest in plumbing systems

Are you all set to invest in a plumbing system? If yes, here are a few material and product characteristics that you should consider.

  1. Free from toxicity – Every plumbing material should be sanctioned for the portable water applications.
  2. Resistance from corrosion–The plumbing material must be conductive. It should also be immune to electrolytic or galvanic corrosion. The corrosion resistant materials get embedded in wet, acidic, and dry soils, which makes them safe to use
  3. Reduced thermal conductivity–The feature is responsible for maintaining uniform temperature while transporting fluids. The minimal thermal conductivity of the material might reduce the requirement for pipe insulation as a whole.
  4. Biological resistance –You need to ensure that the plumbing material is bacteria, termite and fungi attack resistant. It is essential when you are using it for high-end water applications, where the water needs to be 100% pure.

However, the plumbing material should also be eco-friendly! It should adhere to the green norms. It needs to be safe for consumers, community and the environment at large. The installation of any plumbing system needs to be undertaken by trained and expert plumbers. Only the trained plumbers can recognize the apt materials and use the same efficiently. Today, you have many plumbing service providers online to browse through and partner. Every service provider comes with their set of specialty that might or might not cater to your preference and budget capacity. Go ahead and make your choice wisely.

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