Choosing the perfect Zimbali accommodation: what are you searching for in SA?

August 24, 2018

When it is time for a family vacation, we are all excited. As kids, we would often start packing our bags weeks in advance. If we were to spend the family vacation time in a foreign land, our excitement naturally doubled. As adults, we understand that finding a place to visit is far less challenging than planning the budget, trip details, local visits, and accommodation. When traveling with kids, the food also becomes a concern. We start by looking for kid-friendly accommodations that offer special kids menus and children-friendly safaris.

Why go to South Africa?

South Africa is a comparatively less-explored country with abundant natural reserves. Rivers, valleys, national parks, beaches, oceans, and bays have made it a tourist hub for the millennials and Gen X. The cost of finding luxurious and comfortable hotels and lodges is comparatively low. You may end up spending lesser in SA than you would on a weekend trip to Vegas. However, that would require careful planning and budgeting. Booking accommodation near the beach and other tourist attractions can cost you a fortune at the last moment. To enjoy the pleasures of a Zimbali vacation, you need to start acting on your travel plans right now!

Every search begins with Google

Start by looking for Zimbali accommodation online. You can start filtering the options Google gives you by price range, kid-friendliness, activities, safaris, and sports. For example – if you are interested in reviving the family tennis matches you used to have with your significant other before moving into the city apartment, you might want to look for a resort with a tennis court. If you are interested in nature walking, hiking or running in the mornings, you may want to look for resorts that are near popular trails.

Keep your adventure sporting interests in mind

In Zimbali, several third-parties provide adventure sports opportunities like micro-lighting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and snorkeling. These are adult-friendly activities, and if you are interested in these, you might want to look for accommodations that have exclusive camps or daycares for children. Picking hotels and luxury resorts that are close to the sites of these adventure sports will give you the advantage of location and time. You will be able to book exciting activities for your entire family and find the time to enjoy each without rushing.

Choose an accommodation based on your children’s interests

Several Lodges in the Zimbali area have their own safari programs. While most of them are ideal for the entire family, some horse riding and elephant riding safaris do not encourage the participation of young children. So, book a hotel that is close to a family safari park, if you want that to be the highlight of your vacation. Or, you can take your children to the nearby reptile park, crocodile creek or the large animal petting zoo. South Africa is famous for its wildlife diversity. There is no way you can let your kids miss out the wonders of watching gigantic crocodiles, lazy iguanas, friendly mules and other cute furry animals when you are already in Zimbali.

The hotel or resort you pick will determine the fate of your vacation significantly. Choose wisely and put in a lot of research before you head off to the land of diversity.

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