Pros And Cons As Introduced With Ceramic Coating

September 21, 2018

For most of the car buyers, the term “ceramic coating” is quite promising. Even before the final delivery, people take a new car for just applying a ceramic coating. It is a clear coat, which has a liquid polymer. Whenever you use a ceramic coating to the car’s body, the polymer forms chemical bonding with factory paint. Once the paint has been well-coated, it can further be removed just by abrasion and not by using any chemical. If it performs well, the ceramic coating can also last the lifetime of the car.

The next time you are planning to use the ceramic coating on a car, be sure to check out some pros and cons for the same.


Ceramic coating is designed to offer perfect protection to the car’s surface region. It has nano-coating, which will protect the vehicle from multiple scratches, chemical contaminants, and dirt. The ceramic coating further does not have any side-effects to the original paint.

  • This form of Ceramic Coating Lafayette is designed to last long when compared to regular paint. As this coating is infused well with stock paint mainly because of strong chemical bonding, this protection stays under heavy shocks and even vibrations.
  • Furthermore, a car with a ceramic coating is also easier to clean. The body panels of the ceramically coated car will remain smooth and even free of abrasion. Therefore, this surface won’t have an area for the dirt to stick on. In case it does, just wiping with a clean cloth will bring the car to its radiant finish.
  • Previously, cars used to get shine by waxing, but it was temporary and wears off eventually. Both ceramic and wax coat will take a considerable amount of time for better application. But in the long run, the ceramic coating is way better than waxing because of its better finish and long life.
  • As the ceramic coating lasts long, therefore; it makes services highly cost-effective. Ceramic coating is perfect to make your vehicle look way better than before.


There are a few primary disadvantages associated with ceramic coating. But, it can quickly be sorted out with the help of a few changes. But still, make sure to learn about the cons as well before making the final investment.

  • Ceramic coating is a bit pricey. The market price varies depending on the quality selected. But, once invested, the layer will last long, making it quite a smart thing to purchase. Moreover, the price is still lower than the PPF or paint protection film.
  • Just like with any other big project, applying ceramic coating takes time. You might have to invest around three days at the center that is doing the ceramic coating. However, always remember to let experts handle such kinds of painting services. If you fail to do it correctly, the ceramic layer may not look good. So, be careful of that!

If you compare the pros and cons of ceramic coating, advantages will overtake cons in many ways possible. Moreover, the issues are temporary and the positive results will last long. As everyone loves to maintain the shine of their car, this method is that perfect solution.

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One thought on “Pros And Cons As Introduced With Ceramic Coating

  1. Alice Carroll

    It’s great to know that ceramic coating makes a car a lot easier to clean. I regularly have to traverse very dusty road on the way to the supermarket every two weeks so my car easily gets dirty. With ceramic coating I can finally get a new paint job for my car while also making car washes a lot more convenient.


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