Why More Moms Are Using Mobile Games To Pass The Time

October 8, 2018

Video games are not just for teenage boys anymore. In fact, a new trend seems to be going on with stay-at-home moms playing more and more games. In fact, the number of mom-gamers is becoming so overwhelming, that they actually make up for a huge part of the gaming community.

And, while you might still believe gaming is for men, you should consider the statistics. Namely, 52% of all gamers are actually women. As we can see, gaming is definitely not out of reach for moms. In the end, it does seem like moms are picking up games at an increasing rate. Which, to be honest, is quite surprising to most. Not too long ago, you would find it almost impossible to make an adult try playing mobile games. Now, you do not even have to, they will download the games themselves. But, how did that come to be?

These Games are Easy to Pick up

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and, unlike playing on consoles and desktop computers, playing on your mobile phone is incredibly simple and easy to pick up. So, what happens when you take those two pieces of information and put them together? An increase in mobile phone game popularity. In fact, one of the main reasons people would not pick games up was the learning curve. Generally, video games used to be incredibly challenging to master.

Mobile phone games, on the other hand, offer a lot of fun without a lot of practice. You can pick your phone up and start playing games looking for the best one for yourself.

Mobile Games are a Lot of Fun

If you are a stay-at-home mom, one of the issues you face every day could be boredom. Once you send your kids off to school and do everything around the house, the day gets boring. And, what better way to have some fun that to pick up some video games? Mobile games are easy, simple, accessible, and, most importantly, playing them is fun.

Also, bearing the statistics surrounding the games, you will not be the only mom playing on your phone. Who knows, maybe you will have a new favorite subject to discuss with your friends.

There is a Mobile Game Genre for Everyone

If you look at the usual games from just a few years ago, you will most likely not find them to be fun. They were mostly action games with a lot of violence and sexualization of female characters. And, sure enough, those games have their audience, and, if you love them, great. But, if you do not, you did not use to have much choice.

On the other hands, you can now easily find a game you like by opening your phone’s app store. There are literally thousands upon thousands of games for you to choose from. Game developers are finally aware that you represent a part of their consumer base. And that has led to them making more games that are popular with stay-at-home moms. So, if action games are not your cup of tea, you can try your hand in a number of puzzle games, mystery games, dating simulators, and other types of games you might like.

Mobile Games Can Be Incredibly Exciting

Sometimes, entertainment is not all you want to get from a phone game. Sometimes, you want to add some excitement to your life. Well, you are not alone, and one of the most common ways mothers around the world are achieving that excitement is through playing games with actual risk. That is right, gambling games are becoming incredibly popular with moms. And, it makes sense, gambling was always popular. Women and, of course men, are urgerd to check out SlotsAdviser, where they can explorehundreds of online slots, try the games for free, and find an online casino to play for real money.

A Lot of Mobile Phone Games Are Entirely Free

Game developers know that most people are not willing to pay $50 dollars to play a phone game. So, instead, they are giving us free access to their games and looking for alternative ways to make a profit. And you can easily take advantage of that. You can try out any and all games that interest you without spending a dime.


Finding a good pastime was always a challenge for stay-at-home moms. However, with the rising popularity of smartphones came new options for them. Nowadays, you can gain access to hundreds of games with a swipe of a finger. Millions of moms around the world are doing just that. In the end, there is nothing wrong with downloading a fun game to kill some time during the day.

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