Useful Tips for Cleaning an Office- Running a Healthy and Safe Company

October 6, 2018

There are several reasons to keep a clean office for your business. A tidy and neat space is not only more visually appealing than a disorganized mess, it also make a positive impression on clients and customers as well as being more conducive to a productive workplace. It can also minimize the amount of time that is spent on cleaning. A few simple cleaning tips can be implemented in order to maintain order within your company.

Organizing Paperwork

Paperwork that piles up around the office looks messy and makes it harder and time consuming when you need to refer back to vital documents whenever the need arises. There are various ways to organize paperwork while cleaning an office.

  • A filing cabinet is great for storing things such as customer profiles, product specifications, vendor information, estimates, work orders and invoices. Files can be labeled according to their specified use and documents should be filed away when you clean the office.
  • If certain documents must be kept on hand for easy or immediate reference, consider desktop trays that are useful for items such as documents that are currently being used, paperwork that needs to be filed away, customer files and bills that are to be paid.
  • Save space by scanning documents in order to archive and store them digitally.

Disinfecting Restrooms

Restrooms should always be disinfected for a clean work environment as well as the safety of your customers and employees. Restrooms are usually visited frequently and should be cleaned everyday.

  • Use a suitable cleaning product and toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowls.
  • Wipe the base and tank of toilets and the bowl’s circumference, lid and seat with disinfectant.
  • Wipe counter areas and sinks with disinfecting cleaners.
  • Mop the floors. Click here for more about Prestige Cleaners 406.
  • Replace tissue rolls and refill the paper towel holders and soap dispensers.

Protecting Electronics

Keep your electronics safe and protected by ensuring that they are dust free and clean. Dusters can be used to remove dirt from tight spaces such as fans, vents and keyboard keys. A damp soft rag and disinfectant sprays are ideal for wiping electronics.

Cleaning Food Areas

Since food is usually prepared and kept in a break room, cleaning it is crucial for your employees’ safety and health. It also has a positive effect on employee morale.

  • Keep the refrigerator organized and clean. Throw out any old food and clean the interior by wiping it down with a moistened, disinfected cloth.
  • Spray shelves, chairs, tables, sinks and countertops with disinfectant and wipe them off.
  • Clean the microwave regularly as messes can be harder to clean if they are allowed to sit for extended periods of time.
  • Clean dish drainers on a daily basis as well as the dishes to prevent the growth of mildew.
  • Wash dish and hand towels regularly and make sure that dish sponges are replaced in a timely manner.

Waste Disposal

Waste baskets or garbage cans in restrooms, public areas, conference rooms and office spaces should be emptied every day.

Maintaining Public Areas

If your clients or customers visit your workplace, a clean office will be the first impression that they get. Put enough effort into creating a space that represents the image of your business that you aim to convey. Public areas should always be clean and presentable.


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