Having a bad day? Try these apps to cheer you up

July 30, 2019

We all have our best and worst days. Sometimes there’s something objectively wrong with the world and other times it’s just the general mood we’re in. But no matter the reason, there’s a lot you can do to cheer yourself up, especially if you include your BFF – the mobile phone. Here are a few suggestions for a cheerful mobile experience that will turn this frown upside down.

Win the game

In many cases, the reason behind our bad mood has something to do with how we feel about ourselves today. Maybe we had a bad date or didn’t get the promotion we were after. A great way of solving this situation is by reminding ourselves how awesome we truly are and achieving a quick and happy win. Playing casino games for free can help anyone do that, and apps like 88 Fortunes will give you tons of rewards and congrats messages that will make your inner winner shine.

Get things done

Another way of feeling instantly better about ourselves is crossing something off our to-do list. If you’ve been bonding with the blanket and a pint of ice cream all day, download a solid task management app and get to work. Any.do is a wonderful and recommended option, but choose whichever app keeps you focused. Learn about Android App Development Company 

Laugh a little

If you’re in a funk, laughing a little bit can help you remember that it’s not all bad and there are at least cat videos to keep you company and bring a smile to your face. Apps such as 9Gag were created for the sole purpose of making people LOL, even on really bad days. You’ll find a variety of content types to choose from, from silly to sophisticated, and will soon notice that with every funny video you view, your reasons for feeling bad about the universe to seem to fade away.

Not all bad moods can or should be solved easily. We all have the right to dwell a little every now and then, but if you notice a bad feeling you just can’t shake, perhaps it’s time to let go of your apps and speak to a professional. Have a good day, seriously!

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Andi Perullo de Ledesma

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