Get Habituated with the Basic Rules and Norms for Wildlife Travel

October 26, 2018

Different places have different norms that tourists need to abide by and with regards to wildlife tourism; following the regulations strictly is indeed a mandate. Below are some sure-fire tips that will make you habituated with the basic rules and norms for wildlife travel. Here the key idea is in understanding the significance of forest reserves.

Today there is no shortage of wildlife destinations that people of different age love to explore, but there are some important rules that need to be followed for safeguarding the animal kingdom.

Rules and Norms to Follow

  • Pin-drop Silence- When there is too much noise animals will feel disturbed and will hide. Hence during moments of excitement do not shout but talk in a lower tone. Maintaining silence is the way to go.
  • Wear Clothes in Sober Colours- During wildlife safaris avoid wearing clothes that are brightly coloured because these colours may affect the animals. Do your packing as per the climate and wear sober shades.
  • Stay on the Safari Vehicle- During wildlife tours do not get adventurous and remain on the safari vehicle. Avoid getting down unless you have permission. In most sanctuaries and national parks, people are not permitted to get down from the car.
  • Do Not Litter- Avoid throwing plastic and waste inside the forest. The forest must be preserved and maintained in the pristine form.
  • No Strong Perfumes– Almost every animal is sensitive to smell which can enrage them. So, do not use strong deodorants or perfumes.
  • Photo Tours- During a photo tour get in touch with a naturalist or local guide that can arrange the trip. Conduct thorough research on professional guides. Besides you can look for organizations that conduct photo tours both in wildlife reserves and national parks. Today wildlife tour planners are readily available.
  • Photography Tips- When you click photos in a wildlife safari avoid using flash as the animals may feel disturbed and react to it. Use other techniques for capturing good pictures.
  • Adequate Research- Adequate research is essential for any tour. When you plan for a safari, get familiar with the best safari timings and the best season. At the time of the peak season make your bookings in advance. Make the most of tours by
  • Season Specific- Wildlife tours are always season specific. You will not be permitted to enter a wildlife sanctuary all year round. It is open for a particular time of the year. So, learn beforehand about the climate and the season.
  • Pack Wisely- Wildlife areas are susceptible to continuous climatic changes. It again rests on the season of the state or place. Hence pack accordingly.
  • Be Calm and Patient- The animals will come out as and when they desire. Hence do not get impatient or bored if no animals are visible.
  • Light Luggage- Some necessary items that you need to carry include caps, water bottles, medical aid amid others. The idea is in going back home with beautiful memories and leaving the animals undisturbed and untouched.

Follow these tips on your next wildlife travel and make it truly memorable.

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