Entrupy Authentication Solution

October 26, 2018

With the ever rising cases of counterfeited products flooding the markets these days, it is best to have an authentication solution around. Producers of high-quality and expensive products such as handbags, laptops, shoes, belts, wallets, etc incur huge losses to fake producers. Counterfeiters create substandard products that look like the real products and cash in on the brand names of top brands costing the companies billions of dollars on their intellectual property rights. Fake products also have the possibility of causing detriment to unsuspecting buyers who purchase them unknowingly thinking that they are genuine. This is where Entrupy comes in.

Entrupy is a one stop solution for detecting fake and counterfeited handbags, therefore, helping customers distinguish real and original products from fake or counterfeited items. Entrupy is a digital device once purchased from its producers can be placed directly over the product to be inspected taking in fine photos of the given product. The device will then work to verify the authenticity of the product by relying on huge database of images of various products that have been registered to it. The device can be synchronized with mobile devices such as Smartphones or tablets running on either Android of IOS. It will be able to tell you whether the product being tested on it is real, fake, or counterfeit.

You can rely on Entrupy to help you authenticate a wide range of handbags there are in the market. Do not allow yourself to be conned of your cash and being sold a fake handbag that is pricey and expensive. Businesses producing high quality handbags and general bags can also rely on Entruppy to help save their products from losing to counterfeit products which may be selling cheaper to win the competition. Register your business with Entrupy and all your products will be covered to help save your revenue from unscrupulous counterfeiters.

Entrupy will help to protect your handbag business, as well as promote trust in transactions. It helps the customer distinguish fake or counterfeit products and thus it saves them from purchasing substandard products. With Entrupy you can be sure that you are purchasing an authentic product from the real producer. You will certainly get the real value of your money and not crap being sold to you in the guise of the original product! The good news is that it can be used on several other items that you may want to authenticate to prove originality. Entrupy has really brought confidence in consumers as well as producers. Consumers now have the power in their hands to purchase genuine products just with a touch of a button. Producers also now have confidence that counterfeit products will not compete and spoil their business.

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