Explore the Reasons Why Smart Girls Wear American Diamond Jewelry

October 27, 2018

Many women consider diamonds as their best friends but there are many modern, educated, and practical women who have realized the importance of saving money for future security. They would love to look gorgeous but they have discovered a fantastic alternative for a diamond that is affordable, exquisite, and elegant. For those women who do not belong to filthy rich families and those that respect and appreciate the value of money, the exquisite American diamond jewelry does the magic.

American diamond is also, called Cubic Zirconia or CZ. But do not confuse it with zircon that is actually zirconium silicate. Due to American diamond’s resemblance to natural diamond, and also, because of its low cost and affordability today, it is in great demand and widely used as a great substitute for diamonds in jewelry.

What Actually Are American Diamonds?

American diamonds are supposed to be synthetic diamonds that are manufactured in specialized laboratories. How do they differ from real diamonds? Real diamonds are actually found in nature and are later on cut and polished to give the brilliant finish.

Why Are American Diamond Jewelry So Popular?

It is no secret that American diamond jewelry is actually made by the same highly-skilled craftsmen or ‘kaarigars’ who make diamond jewelry. The most important thing to note here is the fact that the American diamond jewelry is manufactured using the same cutting-edge machine that is used for creating exclusive diamond jewelry. So you could expect the same finesse, same perfection, and same sparkle at far more affordable prices. So, American diamonds are popular among intelligent people who understand the actual value of beauty.

What Are the Reasons to Buy American Diamond Jewelry?

Stunning Appearance: American diamond jewelry is unbeatable in terms of appearance. They look stunning, elegant, chic, and are actually a class apart. The color of natural diamond and also, its dazzle is due to its dispersion. We know that the different colors of sunlight seem to be separated by the process of refraction in the natural diamond. As such, when it moves, you can see different colors, even with minuscule changes in orientation.

Today, you could come across artificial stones such as Cubic Zirconia or American Diamonds which have a relatively higher dispersion and so they are really more striking and beautiful.

Lightweight: The American diamond jewelry looks elegant and classy just like real diamonds but they are not as heavy as diamonds. For the young girls, American diamonds are just right as they are gorgeous but lightweight. So they are comfortable and easy to carry. They complement Western wear, Indian and even fusion designer outfits. Check out the American diamond necklace set wholesale market in Mumbai to see the grandeur, glamour, and sparkle of the American diamond jewelry.

Affordable: American diamonds look amazing on young girls. Today, many smart couples are opting for Cubic Zirconia engagement rings because they have understood these are as good as diamonds in appearance and are really affordable. Diamonds are valued today only because of the exorbitant price factor. You must realize that today, the manufacturing process of artificial diamonds such as American diamonds, has really advanced and you could purchase a diamond look-alike for less than half the actual price of the real diamond.


Young people are celebrating special events and festivals wearing American diamond jewelry because they know that American diamond jewelry comes in amazing designs and are easy to wear and maintain. Many young couples are demonstrating their awareness and high level of intelligence and education by buying Cubic Zirconia engagement rings.

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