Useful Tips For Couples On Choosing The Best Fertility Clinic

October 27, 2018

Since in-vitro fertilization is a highly-specialized and expensive technique, you will obviously want to have it undertaken at the best facility. Some practical tips on identifying the best IVF centre in Mumbai:

Skill, Experience, and Training of the Doctors

The success of IVF procedures depends substantially on the quality of the doctors. Depending on how the operations of the clinic are structured, you may be attended by one doctor or a number of doctors. It is generally better to have one lead doctor assigned so that you can make him accountable and address all your queries to him. While it is obvious, you will want to establish that they have the proper training, you should also inquire how long have they been practicing in the field of infertility and what are their success rates?

Their Attitude to Patients

A crucial aspect of choosing an infertility clinic is whether you feel comfortable interacting with them. It is very important to find a clinic that displays proper sympathy and is willing to listen to you and your problems rather than giving you short and rude answers that reflect a bad attitude. Find out how long the doctors and the staff have been working there as bad management is typically reflected by high employee attrition.

Pricing, Financing, and Insurance

IVF procedures can cost thousands of dollars and there is no point in going to very expensive clinics that you can’t afford. You should be able to get all the plan details, fees, as well as insurance cover details during your first visit to the clinic so that you can make up your mind whether to proceed or not. Insist on a detailed quotation that includes breakups for all tests, treatments, medication, embryo storage, and other services. Find out the fee schedule and if they have a payment program or even finance scheme. Be cautious of refund programs as they may involve very aggressive treatment to increase the chances of success but may be physically draining.


Find out if the clinic has all the facilities for carrying out the tests and procedures in-house or if you need to go to another hospital. If you live far away, find out if the tests can be done at any nearby facility. Find out if you only have to stick to the donors they have or you can use an agency of your own choice. What are the recommended procedures for your case? The number of IUI cycles the clinic agrees to try is important as you need to choose a clinic that has a number that will suit you better.


Since there are so many details that you need to find out before committing to any clinic, you should engage in thorough research regarding assisted fertility procedures so that you can draw up a list of important questions. Also conduct research online regarding the reputation of the clinics so that you can decide whether to approach them or not. Make sure the clinic is easily accessible and the hours are convenient for you.

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