4 Major Features You Should Look Out for When Selecting a Horse to Put Your Money on

October 28, 2018

People have different ways of making an income. Some have chosen a more traditional path like following your dreams and building careers out of them. Some people on the other hand, are making an income out of their hobbies such as betting. Betting has now become a source of making money. There are many sports on which people bet. The most common ones are ball games and races. When it comes to races, people bet on car racing and even horse racing. Horse racing has grown in popularity amongst many people due to its good odds. Horse racing has higher odds, thus if you place a small amount of money, you will win big. To do so, you need to choose the right horse to bet on. The tips below can help you do so:

  1. Distance

In any race, there has to be a distance to be covered. The distance may vary depending on what the organizers decide. In any racing event, you have to find a horse that is used to that kind of distance. Even in the normal racing events, there are runners who will run the long marathon and some have specialized in running short distances. The same drill applies to horse racing. A horse that is used to running short distances will burn out faster when it comes to running long distances. The best thing you can do is do proper research on what the horse has been training to do. This will increase your chances of winning. You can visit MinAndel and have a look at the horse racing tips.

  1. Weight

According to quora.com, the weight of a horse depends on the breed and the sex. As surprising as it might sound, the weight of a horse actually matters when it comes to racing. In most cases, a fast racing horse needs to be between 500 and 600 kilograms. If it is above 700 kilograms, it will be really hard for it to keep up with the race. You don’t want to bet your money on an overweight horse.

  1. Trainer and horse record

The other thing you should never forget to consider is the trainer of the horse. How well has the horse been training? How often has it been winning? It is only the trainer who knows what is expected of the horse and through him or her, the horse will be expected to win. Choose a horse with a trainer that has a good winning record. On the other hand, you also need to look at the winning streak of the horse. This will give you an idea of how well it can perform in the next race. The winning or losing streak will give you an opportunity to predict the results in the next race.

  1. Fitness level/ form

The fitness level of a racing horse is sometimes determined by its health. Horses also get sick at one point or the other and when they do this, they can’t race properly. If you are planning to bet on a horse, then you better have a look at its health. Has it suffered any injuries recently? Injuries can limit the performance of a racing horse.

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