Wet Rooms VS Walk-In Showers

October 29, 2018

When designing a new bathroom, there are many options available to help you to create the perfect space. One of the choices available to you is whether you want a walk-in shower in the bathroom or whether you wish to convert the entire space into a wet room. There are plenty of benefits and advantages to both; read on to find out more and discover which might be right for you:

What Is The Difference?

You might think there is little difference between a walk-in shower and a wet room, but they will look very different and they will alter the way the room is set up quite significantly. Compared to a bath unit, you may feel that one of these shower options makes the room feel much more open and airier.

Quite simply, a wet room is open plan and will see you standing on the floor of the bathroom itself whereas a walk-in shower has a tray and one or two glass protectors to shield the rest of the room from the water. Both are great options for a complete bathroom remodel and will fit neatly over where your bath used to go.

Advantages of the Wet Room

A wet room is a great option if you have a smaller space for your bathroom as there is no need to install a shower tray. It is also possible to slightly slope the flooring around the shower itself to slightly minimize the amount of mess created by the shower.

If you are looking to make a bathroom more accessible, a wet room is a fantastic option. It is an open space perfect for both wheelchair users and anyone who is a bit frail. For more information about why wet rooms are so perfect for anyone with accessibility issues, you can view the advice here from Bathing Solutions who are specialists in this sector.

You might be concerned that a wet room would leave puddles of water everywhere that would then get tracked around the rest of the house. With proper design, this need not be the case. The neat combination of underfloor heating and a handy mop means that any pools left behind can be quickly taken care of and the residue will soon evaporate away. Just because you will make the floor wet while showering doesn’t mean that it needs to be wet all the time.

Advantages of the Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower can look very sleek and modern and is designed to separate the shower into two distinct areas; beneath the showerhead for washing and beside the entrance for drying off.

The shower tray is lower than in a conventional shower for ease of access and the glass sides can make it appear invisible in the room. It is a great option to those with space for it. The amount of glass may be intimidating at first but there is no reason why you cannot find some tips to keep it as shiny and streak-free as the rest of your bathroom.

Walk-in showers are also much cheaper and more efficient to fit. If you are working to more of a budget, this might be the ideal option for you. Many hardware stores offer walk-in showers amongst their bathroom collections; allowing you to choose a stylish shower at a low price.

Both walk-in showers and wet rooms are great additions to any modern bathroom. If you are considering overhauling your bathroom and performing a complete refit, think about installing one of these great options in your home. It can be a stylish statement as much as any fancy roll-top bath or impressive sink unit!

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