How Trees Can Damage Roofs And How A Roofing Contractor Can Help?

October 30, 2018

In many places, it is common to see houses surrounded by trees which are a very pleasing sight and the residents enjoy the pleasure of living in an environment closely surrounded by nature. Considering the harsh climatic concerns that we have to face today, trees in the yard might be a good idea. However, the presence of trees in your yard or close vicinity can often be dangerous because it can damage homes. The maximum damage from trees happens to the roofs, which can often turn very expensive if it amounts to replacing or relaying the roof. Therefore, knowing the dangers posed by trees to residential homes should help you to figure out how you can save the roof from significant damages.

Beware Of Overhanging Branches

Branches and limbs can quickly snap off under high winds or break under the weight of snow and when it happens; if the limb is large enough it can even puncture the roof. Smaller branches are dangerous, because it falls to the ground it can rip off shingles. Trees are very harmful to buildings as it can make the roof susceptible to the elements and making roofs leak.

To keep roofs protected from trees that can turn into a menace, cut off the tree branches that can infringe on the building especially the roof. Trim the trees in such a way so that the nearest branch is at least at a distance of 10 feet away from the building. Inspect for dead limbs of trees because it is most dangerous when it breaks and falls on the roof. Identify the threats from trees and mind the season to ensure that you keep it trimmed to reduce the danger to the roof.

Avoid Accumulation Of Leaves And Needles

Keep the roof clean and free from leaves and needles is what roofing contractors in Bloomington would recommend.  As winter progresses, leaves fall upon the roof and before winter sets in entirely, clear the roof of all accumulation, so that if it snows the debris can do no harm. Leaves and needles pose problems for roofs as it can get stuck in the gutters which starts damaging the roof. Clogged gutters do not allow water to flow through the downspout, but instead directs it to the gutter through which in turn can erode the foundation and proves disastrous for the landscaping. The problem in icy weather is even more because ice dams form in clogged gutters and prevent the flow of water from melted ice that spills on the roof.

Fallen Trees Are Dangerous

Fallen trees are most destructive for roofs because even small or medium-sized trees are capable of falling right through the roof thereby causing significant damage that takes much time and cost to repair. Inspect the trees around your home at least once a year to identify and remove decaying or dead trees so that it does not pose any threat. Turn to Fresno tree professionals for tree trimming, which is the best way to prevent a fallen tree.

It is good to have trees in your yard — provided you are sure that these are not harmful to the building.

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