Midday Productive Meal – Right Etiquettes and Strategies to Follow

October 31, 2018

Innumerable people attend a business lunch yet not all have mastered the same. Picking the wrong venue can convey the wrong message, picking the wrong dish can appear distracted and picking the wrong check can appear rude. A power lunch will not just happen. As in every business communication, a power lunch will begin well prior to sitting down to communicate or eat.

Tips to Consider

Take a look at the different pointers that you need to consider prior to a client approaches for lunch,

  • If the responsibility rests on you to recommend a restaurant choose one that will be conducive for the conversation. Here a sports bar will not be the right choice but choosing the best New Brunswick power lunch venue can help.
  • Give a phone call and book the reservation. Should you be familiar both with the restaurant as well as staff; tell them to arrange for a table which will suit the meeting.
  • Give a phone call to the client to confirm. Convey them about the reservation that has been made on your name.
  • Reach early to ensure all things are in order.
  • Communicate with the waitperson, know his name and offer them the credit card.
  • Glance the menu card and choose the order.
  • During the wait order a non-alcoholic drink.
  • Learn more about the interest of the client.
  • Keep the mobile on the vibration mode should you client requires to cancel. So, you will not have to keep waiting through lunch at the table.
  • Prior to even planning a power lunch, brushing up the table manners is a must. For best results review the right dining etiquette.

6 Key Strategies for Creating That Real Power Lunch

For keeping the energy levels high during the afternoon, below are 6 strategies for creating that real power lunch,

  • Perform a Belly Scan- While taking lunch, pause to conduct a scan to check how the stomach feels and ask whether the amount of food will keep you satisfied for a couple of hours. When you think it is a no, have a little more but if you feel it is sufficient then stop. After all, a food coma can kill the energy and productivity in the afternoon. You are bloated, tired and need a nap yet there is a meeting in the afternoon, the weather is warm, and the eyelids become heavy.
  • Anchor the Plate- Sufficient quantity of lean protein for lunch will slow down the energy release into the bloodstream meaning more consistent energy levels all through the afternoon. In the absence of protein, you will fall asleep on the desk.
  • Alter the Channel- Rather than working through lunch try to spend some time for mental recovery. Make a call to a dear one, communicate with a colleague about something that is not related to work or browse the internet for a couple of minutes. It is vital to give yourself some downtime, this way you can be more productive and focused throughout the day.
  • Go for a Quickie- Make the most of Mother Nature. Go outside for some time and see how the fresh air and the sunlight help you to energize.
  • Go for a Power Walk- You generally sit for the maximum part in a day and the more you do so, the more exhausted you will feel. Take a short walk during the lunch break for about 10 minutes to get the energy and blood pumping.
  • Workout- Go for a perfect workout that can boost up the energy and allow the metabolism to continue on a quicker pace for some time post completion of the exercise. This will definitely help you in getting through that afternoon slump.

So, now are you ready for a power lunch?

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