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October 30, 2018

Almost all of us start out with the cheaper synthetic wigs or the beauty store version of full-lace ones. Sometimes, it is due to budget constraints, while at other times, it is because we do not want to go wrong while styling them. The first time is the worst for most of us. We are nervous to step out because we are unsure whether the styling looks natural enough, whether the hair part seems too narrow. Wigs have been the cause of numerous faux pas. Middle parts that looked too sparse due to over tweezing, or lack of baby hairs giving the hairdo an artificial look, these have happened to the best of the best.

Why should everyone have at least one favorite wig?

Some of us are too skeptical about trying on weaves. Sometimes, we believe that spending money on wigs is equivalent to not loving our own hair. Well, that is so not true for most of the wig-addicts. Even super celebs like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner have sworn their love for all-natural weaves over harsh chemical and color treatments. Ombre hues, balayage colors and rainbow hair color trends keep coming and going. It is difficult to stick to one style and love it forever when there are hundreds of new statements to try out each month! Apart from coloring and highlighting, there are the daily straightening, flattening and curling treatments that leave our hair in a mess every day.

That is the vicious hamster wheel of hairstyles, and treatments. You start with a “harmless” beach blonde hair color, and that comes with super dryness, hair spas, masks, straightening, smoothening and keratinization. Well, the list is endless. To avoid the infinite list of hassles, many smart girls opt for trendy weaves instead. What was the summer hairstyle you wanted? Was it a messy bob? Did you want something sleek and posh like a straightened asymmetric bob? Do you want gorgeous long straight red hair for coloring up the winter a bit? You don’t have to worry about new haircuts, hair colors or spending a bomb on salon visits. A couple of fine all-natural hair, full lace wigs can make all your dreams come true.

Wigs should be every woman’s true love

Most of the times, it is not about loving or hating one’s hair. It is about protecting the natural beauty of your hair, yet getting to have all the fun. Did you know? Most celebs rock full frontal lace wigs with combs at major red carpet events to save all the time and hassle of redoing their entire hair? They have closets full of weaves, or they go with reliable wig sharing and rental services to match their designer dresses. Wigs are a great way to switch up your look for the upcoming party quickly. They take little time, and the output is beyond amazing.

Putting on the cheaper wigs takes considerable time, effort and practice. You might need over an hour to create a believable and almost natural look out of the cheaper ones that do not come with full lace, proper hair part, and baby hair. It is imperative to go through numerous tutorials to avoid some of the most horrible yet ridiculous mistakes first-timers make with these cheaper remy hair wigs. However, if you want a professional and utterly natural flow of hair from the first day onwards, you might want to invest in human hair weaves. They are costlier than their drugstore versions, but they also give you the magnificent shine, volume, and flexibility of natural hair.

Why should you invest in expensive weaves and wigs?

The wigs of full lace are different from lace front ones. These full-lace versions have real human hair. Many of them use virgin hair that has never experienced harsh chemical treatments including bleaching, hot combing, chemical straightening or curling and coloring. As a result, these weaves have a long lifespan and high tolerance to your daily styling. Before we made our acquaintance with hair weaves, it was unthinkable for us to create an up-do like a ponytail, or a bun or a half-up and half-down style with wigs on. It was the same old short-hair-bob or long-hair-down for us. With the advent of new human hair weaves with all-lace backs, it is possible to style the wig in any way we want without up our secret of long lustrous hair.

How to pick your wig?

Choose by density

Weaves are addictive. You probably remember the first time you laid your eyes on one. If you are yet to experience the world-class, full-lace, human virgin hair wig, be sure, you will remember it for the rest of your life. These delicate yet strong works of art give you the full reason to fall in love. The artisans sew each strand individually by hand to the lace. That completely justifies the cost of each piece. You can have different densities. Something between 100% and 120% is what human beings naturally have. You can have light density wigs that are around 80% or heavy full volume ones at 180%. The 180% ones are more expensive than the light density ones, but they are also ideal for the fancier hairdo that requires multiple layers and sections.

Pay attention to the hairline

The Natural growth of hair looks very different for each person. You might have a naturally askew parting, thick baby hairs on either side of your forehead, dense growth of the hair around the hairline and thickest growth right on top. The trick is to go with a full lace weave that can mimic the natural hairline. If you don’t want to make it too visible for your friends and family that you are wearing a weave, you need to pay attention to the frontal perimeter, the distribution of the baby hair, gelling the hair and parting the weave.

Moreover, you can forget the wig cap under the full lace weaves. These wigs come with multiple combs that you can snip out from the front to give them a completely natural setting. Just remember to lay your natural hair as flat as possible before putting the wig on. If you have naturally curly and unmanageable hair, you might want to go with a wig cap for an extra flat effect, but skipping it is also completely okay!

Check for baby hair

Most expensive, full Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian hair weaves come with baby hairs, so you do not need to tweeze and trim them at all. It is especially time-saving if you want to tie your hair up. No small wisps of hair at the bottom hairline right above your neck can make it look too clean and completely artificial. Always ensure that your weave has baby hairs at the bottom as it has on the top of the perimeter. You will need expert guidance, and if your salon expert also uses wigs, you may want to take it to him or her for a dry run. They can give you a hands-on lesson on how to tweeze, part and trim the expensive wig correctly. Always remember that these are steps you need to do just once. After you have perfected it to your natural hairline and set the parting, you are good to go for the next year or so. Numerous YouTube videos can teach you how to prep your new wig for an au naturel look for the big eve.

Why are natural human hair weaves better than synthetic ones?

The best thing about these full lace weaves is that you can tease them a little, straighten them, relax the curls, or curl the fronts. You should always keep your wig clean since we do dab on a considerable amount of concealer, setting powders, glue, and mousse to style them. They are super easy to style, clean and dry. That keeps them usable for years. Full lace human hair wigs are never a hassle when it comes to washing and drying. Just remember to be as gentle as you would be with your natural hair. While washing, follow the instructions from the manufacturer and the stylists thoroughly.

Keeping your weave clean and maintaining it properly will add to its longevity. Storing these human hair wigs is easy. You do not need to take extra steps, and you do not need to make special contraptions. Store them like your average wig. Laying them on a mannequin head or a Styrofoam one is the better way of keeping them in tiptop condition for a long time. You can use a human hair wig for over a year if you can store it properly. You can check out storage videos on YouTube, but usually referring to the manufacturer’s guidance is enough for keeping them in peak condition. Since they are expensive and rare, you might want to invest a little for the proper storage of your virgin hair full lace wig.

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