Adventures In Ink: Five Tips For Seattleite Tattoo Travelers

November 28, 2018

A well-attended annual ink convention, acclaimed parlors like Constant Hands Collective and Damask, and a liberal music scene combine to make Seattle a tattoo town.

And while there are plenty of places to work on your skin in Washington state, sometimes taking a trip abroad allows you to immerse yourself in a different environment, sample authentic styles and techniques, and return home with a piece that is unusual or unique.

If you are ready for an ink adventure, here are five tips for Seattleite tattoo travelers:

  1. Hawaii

You can fly from Seattle to Honolulu in just over six hours, but you will enter a whole different world in terms of tattoo culture.

And being inked at Tattoolicious in Waikiki is an experience you will not forget — artists like Keone Nunes specialize in simple, yet stunning black geometric designs applied in the traditional Kakau hand tap method.

It is not for the faint-hearted, but perhaps a more tactile connection between artist and physical canvas is achieved without the involvement of a pen style machine.

  1. South Korea

A Seattle to Seoul direct flight on carriers like Korean Air or Delta takes around 12 hours.

Although, the journey’s not insignificant, you will feel fulfilled after dipping your toes into a tattoo scene that is cool, creative, and on trend.

Cult local tattooist Woo Loves You specializes in cute cartoon characters and gonzo skulls. Look online at sites like to see if his original designs float your boat.

  1. Mexico

You will be well aware that Mexico’s only a short hop over the border from Seattle, with an average flight time of just over five hours.

You will find a mesmerizing choice of tattoo parlors in Mexico City alone, offering everything from familiar Americana designs to Aztec-inspired pieces.

However, for exclusive and edgy designs, it is hard to look past getting a tattoo from Luxiano 31. The muscular lettering and block-print figures in his two-tone designs are simply magnificent.

  1. Safety

Safety precautions precede getting a tattoo anywhere in the world, so it is best to double check any artist’s credentials before committing to an appointment.

As top-rated professionals, we do not doubt that all of our three choices would be happy to provide reassurance over any medical concerns.

But it is also wise to check peer ratings and reviews from customers who have already used a parlor in order to feel completely confident.

  1. Pre-flight

If you favor a post-tatt antiseptic like Bepanthen, be sure to take a tube with you when you travel, in case it is not available at your destination.

And booking Seattle Tacoma airport parking at allows you to travel there in the chilled-out comfort of your own vehicle rather than on public transport — you know it makes sense.

After you drop off your ride in its secure spot, you can stroll to the terminal feeling totally relaxed.

These five tips for Seattleite tattoo travelers will keep you safe and sound as you slake your thirst for inspirational ink.

Have you had tattoos abroad? Share your stories in the comments section.

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