Factors that should influence your automatic retractable pool cover choice

December 1, 2018

Pool covers can add an extra layer of safety to your home pool during all seasons. Pools can add resale value to your property, and they are the perfect excuse to have parties all summer, but they can pose an imminent danger if you have small children or pets. The proper cover on your pool can ensure safety for your kids and give you peace of mind. They can prevent dry leaves, twigs and other debris from getting into the pool during the autumn and winter months. At the same time, they can reduce your energy expenses significantly throughout the year.

What should you know before getting your pool cover?

Today, you can avail pool covers in several materials, styles and shapes. They will suit your taste and budget without any compromise. The automatic retractable pool covers come in several sleek variants that can cover pools of any shapes and sizes perfectly from edge to edge. The sheer variety of pool covers now available in the market can confound you at the time of purchase.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while purchasing a secure and automatic retractable cover for your pool.

The frame material – the frames of the pool cover need to be sturdy yet lightweight for practical use. Since they will spend their life around water and outdoors, it is imperative for these frames to be corrosion resistant and weatherproof. Most pools have significant levels of chemicals in their water to keep them usable and safe for adults and children alike. While purchasing automatic pool covers from a renowned company, always check if they are resistant to the chemicals you add to your pool water. The best option for any outdoor pool is a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy to transport, install and use. The presence of a baked-on powder coating provides resistance to corrosion.

The material – the material of your automatic retractable pool cover will depend upon the purpose of it.

  • If you are choosing pool covers for the winter season, you can go with the more traditional looking covers with automatic rotors. These look like heavy tarps, and they can completely block any water, and debris from entering the pool. These covers are a non-permeable solid material, which does not budge easily under the weight of accumulating water or snow on top. The presence of the automatic retraction option eliminates the necessity to pump the water off the cover regularly.
  • If you are thinking about safety, you can go with mesh covers. Mesh covers do not stop excess water or small debris from going in, but they are the perfect solution for homes with kids and pets, who love to play around the pool in the winter seasons.
  • If you want to enjoy the benefits of both without facing their disadvantages, you should check out the hybrid pool covers. These are all-season covers that give you the best of both. They drain easily like the mesh covers and provide UV protection, but at the same time, they can support substantial weight.

The control and ease of use – it is no longer enough to pick a cover option that will last long and provide protection. It has become imperative to consider their ease of installation and daily use. People no longer have the time to spend an entire day cleaning and covering their pools. They need something that can do so with the click of a button. If you want a quick, but effective solution, you should check out the automatic retractable pool covers that come in solid, mesh and hybrid variants for your pool. The presence of automatic retraction means you can say goodbye to the cumbersome water bags, pumps, and anchors. You can unroll the cover at the touch of a button!

Customization options – you will need to consider the customization options available to you depending on the shape of your pool. There was a time when most homes were happy with rectangular swimming pools, and it was indeed a simple time for the pool cover manufacturers. Right now, you can come across L-shaped pools, pools with spas or Jacuzzis, asymmetric pool shapes and adult areas with individual kiddy pools all around the city and suburbs. These bespoke designs call for special care and smart engineering of durable covers. So, before you pay the big bucks, always inquire about the manufacturer’s experience of working with unique pool shapes.

Working with the right manufacturer will save you tons of effort and money. They have already designed and installed safety pool covers and automatic retractable covers for many homes across the state. Thus, creating a new one for your home should not be a challenge to them. Check their website and past projects to find out what you can expect from them. An experienced manufacturer should be able to provide you with a working estimate before the work begins.

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