Why Is It Important To Know Your Personality So That You Can Choose Kurtis Accordingly?

December 11, 2018

The one thing that you should always take into consideration while choosing kurtis is your personality. Most people consider personality as one’s body features like height, weight, and complexion only. But in real sense personality is the combination of physical features, your thinking and your likeness. The Likeness because say for example; if you like and are comfortable in full-length sleeves or three-quarter sleeves kurtis then you should not buy sleeveless kurtis. Therefore, even if it is right to try something new, it is not a wise decision to go against your choice or personality.

Here we will discuss the kind of styles for different types of personalities:

Round Neck

The round neck kurtis are suitable for women who are curvy and like traditional patterns. The round neck design perfectly sits or fits on these women’s body and therefore, the overall design of the kurtis come out naturally. There are varieties of designs available in round necks. You can purchase it online. StyleCaret has hundreds of options in straight cut kurtis.

Do: Use colorful earrings to enhance your overall look. You can wear multicolour earrings that will go on with your many kurtis easily.

Do not do: Do not try to purchase high-low kurtis with round necks as it will make you look fat. The high cut in the front area will attract the attention of people towards your tummy area.

Boat Neck

Boat neck designs in kurtis are cut in boat shape i.e. the shoulder cut would be narrower and from the front it is not too deep. You can visualize shape ‘U’ in a more broader/wider way. This neck design suits those personalities who are serious towards their work; profession and have do not want to show their beauty-bone. The neck makes you look less conservative (not in a bad sense) and you can be comfortable while leaning or playing some sports. Boat neck Kurtis can be selected in many colors, but you must choose dark and pastel shades to add that elegance in your style. 

Do: Pair it up with your narrow pants, palazzos with ankle length style. It always works.

Do not do: Try to avoid churidaars with boat neck kurtis. It may kill all your style at once.


There are fewer options in v-neck kurti designs in comparison to round or boat neck designs. It is suitable for those women who love deep necks. This neck suits women who have a longer neck. If you are conscious of your long neck (which you should not be) then try this neck design, as it will balance the overall look of your personality. V- Neck designs look absolutely feminine in georgette fabric. You can even buy high-low pattern kurti with v-Neck and it will look absolutely amazing.

Do: Choose vibrant and bright colors. It will give you happiness and cheerfulness.

Do not do: Do not buy too deep v-Neck if you are not comfortable. It can happen that you buy it on seeing and after that you are not comfortable in wearing that.

Straight Kurtis

Straight kurtis are very basic and fundamental design of Indian Kurtis. You should buy straight kurti if you have the short height or you want to look tall. The straight kurta actually elongates the overall personality and makes you look taller. Straight kurta or kurtis can be worn at the office without a doubt. It makes you look professional and serious towards work. It does not make you look confused. If you use layered clothes, it would make you look hassle and confused. So keep it simple and wear straight kurtis. Another thing to consider that it is also very easy to carry and wear. It does not interfere with work at any level.

Do: Wear high heels with straight kurtis. It makes you sensual and professional at the same time.

Do not do: Do not use too many jewelry pieces as it will not allow the design to come out properly.

Afghani Kurtis

Indian Kurtis that has been inspired from Afghan or Pakistan Kurtis designs are known as Afghani Kurtis. These kurtis are usually long and are worn with wide palazzos, but short length kurtis are also in trends nowadays which are paired up with sharara palazzos or Ghaghara skirts. These kurtis are best for any special occasion and are best for married women who wear sarees on a regular basis. It gives them an alternative style option and makes them stylish yet traditional. Women can choose from hundreds of colors, but some colors like purple, orange, red, and green would always be favorites among them.

Do: Makeup will enhance your feminity.

Do not do: Do not wear too much jewelry, because of two reasons. First, there is a lot of work (kadhai) done on kurtis already and second jewelry will be harder to manage with heavy Afghani kurtis.

Flared Kurti

These kurtis have lots of pleats which can start from the waist or right above the waist. The flared looks of kurtis make women look stylish, more ethnic and feminine. It can be chosen by girls and college going girls who want to flaunt different colors, look feminine and enhance their sensuality. It is girlish, yet elegant. One thing you remember while buying these kurtis that choose bright colors like bright pink, orange, blue, or any vibrant colors. Pair it with churidaarsor you can team it with straight pants too.

Do: Pick street style earrings with ruffled pattern and lots of colors. It will add to your feminine personality.

Do not do: Avoid wearing heels, as it can be a hard job wearing it in college and doing a whole lot of up and down in college buildings and campus area.

If you choose wisely and shop smartly, every woman will look stunning in kurtis. Shop at online shopping site StyleCaret and get your own choice of Kurtis at attractive prices. Do not wait, but shop!

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