Veteran Actress Supriya Pathak’s Take on Playing a Mom Again in ‘Tigers’

December 11, 2018

Seasoned actor, Supriya Pathak has been playing a mother on the screen for quite some time. She played an unschooled mother in the film‘Wake up Sid’ and in ‘Masoom,’ she played an unmarried mom. She loves to bring different shades in the roles she played so far, finding each character electrifying.Pathak achieved cult status in India after she played ‘Hansa Parekh’ in the comic serial ‘Khichdi.’

According to an article published on, Supriya tells why playing a mom on the screen makes her happy and excited. In a telephonic interview to IANS, Pathak also revealed that she has been playing a mom most of the time, but each character has different flavors to excite her. Whenever she plays a mom, Pathak finds a different person or background in each of these roles. Whenever Supriya gets a mother’s role, she works hard to make it look interesting on the screen. Even on ZEE5’s ‘Tigers,’which released last month, she plays a mother and found the script and plot relevant.

Supriya Finds the Film’s Issue Interesting

Supriya playing a mom in ‘Tigers’ finds the subject very interesting, and the movie talks about an important issue that is relevant today. She believes that Bollywood movies with a message reach to a wider audience. A meaningful film makes people aware of the issues and helps them understand what is happening around them. 

The movie ‘Tigers’ has a story to tell about a salesman working for a global corporation, manufacturing baby products. When he finds out that the product has resulted in the death of hundreds of children, he takes a stand to expose the company. Directed by Danis Tanovic, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, ‘Tigers’ premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. Supriya always believed working in meaningful cinema and not in some movies or shows creating gimmick and TV gossips.

Supriya Worked Hard for Tigers

Supriya and her costars all worked very hard for ‘Tigers,’ and therefore, if the film sinks without any trace, that is disappointing. Pathak being associated with Bollywood for so many years always wanted to work in films or TV soaps that are liked by the audience. That is why actors work, and if their work is not liked or watched, it feels bad. Now that‘Tigers’ saw its release, she is very happy. Besides this film, Supriya also worked in the international project ‘UNindian,’ which also featured Brett Lee,a retired Australian cricketer. On interviewing, Supriya told that she learned many things from Tigers, especially from Tanovic, the director of the film. The filmmaker was extremely clear about the subject of this movie. She told the media that the director knew what he expected from the actors. Tanovic taught Supriya how to perceive a character and work precisely.

Supriya Loves Acting

The veteran actor played challenging roles in many films including ‘Bazaar,’ ‘Delhi-6,’ and ‘Goliyon Ki RaasleelaRam-Leela.’ She loves acting, and this is her sole interest and passion. No matter where she is if a director asks her to play a role, she would be the happiest person on earth. She is keen on exploring different roles and can take up anything that intrigues her; the the atre actor told sources.

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