An Early Bird Shares The Most Effective Wake-Up Tips

December 10, 2018

Do you struggle to wake up early enough? Not everybody is a morning person and waking up is a struggle for some of us. Most people who struggle with waking up find it easy to remain alert for hours before they finally sleep at night. If you find yourself snoozing the alarm more than twice, you can overcome this challenge using the tips below. Enjoy!

Understand Your Body

You can conquer waking up struggles by understanding how many hours your body needs to rest. Though doctors recommend that we sleep for 8 hours, some people feel that they have had enough rest after 9 hours, while others can only remain asleep for 7.5 hours.

To know in which category you lie, you should try to listen to your body’s rhythm to know the adequate number of hours you need. This can help you come with an action plan for you to satisfy your sleep needs effortlessly. 

Maintain A Sleep Routine

Sometimes, people struggle to wake up in the morning due to inconsistent sleep schedules. Statics reports that a large population of US citizens suffer from sleep deprivation due to busy lifestyles which sometimes interfere with the night hours. 

Try not to work until night time so that you can maintain a consistent sleep routine. This enables you to achieve the hours you need to relax, so that you do not struggle when it is time to wake up. Maintain the same hour of sleep each night and do the same when it comes to waking up so that your body works as per the internal biological clock. It will help you start waking up without relying on an alarm clock. 

Sleep Well

Waking up may be a mental struggle, but the quality of your sleep plays a significant role in it. Apart from establishing a routine, you should make your sleep environment as comfortable as possible to ensure that you get enough rest. Adjust the things that make you toss in bed such as purchasing a new mattress from Costco mattress and soft pillows to help you fight fatigue during the night. 

You can even prepare yourself to sleep by conducting a ritual to help you relax. Enjoy a warm bath, and get rid of any electronics around you. Read a book or write, so that you can wake up feeling more relaxed and ready for the next day. 

Work On Your Attitude

Sometimes, our thoughts affect our ability to wake up in the morning. Do not tell yourself that you cannot wake up early enough. You need to stimulate your brain by maintaining a positive attitude toward waking up.  Try reading about the importance of rising early and get inspiration to change your mentality. 

Take Some Time Before Jumping Out Of Bed

Sometimes, jumping out of bed immediately you wake up can make you feel groggy since the mind is not adequately prepared to get up. Come with a two-alarm set-up to help you prepare to wake up fully and start your day. The first alarm wakes you up while the second one should get you out of bed. 

Make sure that the first alarm is within your reach, so that you can switch it off when it rings. Place the second alarm away from the bed so that you don’t get tempted to switch it off and continue snoozing. This set-up gives your body adequate time to wake up gently, so that you can spend the few minutes between the two alarms doing a pleasurable activity. 

You can decide to listen to some uplifting music or write something creative in your journal. Meditating for some few minutes in the morning has a lot of benefits such as reducing anxiety, lifting your energy levels, and enhancing mental clarity. 

As soon as the second alarm goes off, your body will be ready for the day’s activities, and you will be feeling much better than jumping out of bed immediately. Set ten minutes between the two alarms. 

Start Your Day With A Goal

Identify what you want to achieve during early mornings, so that you get inspired to wake up. Write down a list of the things you want to do at 6 in the morning. It could be to do some workouts, study for exams, or even work on a business project. When you long for certain things in the morning, you prepare your body and mind early enough so that you do not have to struggle in the morning. 

Stay Awake Even After Leaving The Bed

You may manage to get out of the bed early enough but still feel tired hours after that. To fight this feeling, go outdoors and let the fresh air help you remain awake. The fresh air on the skin and the smell of flowers tend to eliminate the grogginess. You can even take a walk early in the morning to reduce any negative energy and get ready for your daily activities. 

Draw The Curtains

When it is time to wake up, lighting up your bedroom prevents you from oversleeping. Draw the curtains early in the morning, so that the sun can penetrate your room and motivate you to wake up. If the sun is not yet out, you can switch on the lights to make the wake-up cycle smooth. 

Utilize A Wake-Up App

Waking apps such as the alarmy can help you end the struggle and remain awake. It contains the shake mode alarms which help you wake up and conduct some exercises in the morning. In other cases, it forces you to solve a mathematical equation for the alarm to stop ringing. You can customize the app to help you engage your mind in the morning so that you can wake up without struggling. 

Final Thoughts

Early risers are believed to be more productive than people who wake up late. The wee hours of the morning can have a magical effect on you since you can achieve a lot with minimal distractions from others. Start using the tips above and make the change a permanent one. You can do it!

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