Six Activities To Try When You Visit The UK

December 21, 2018

From experiencing the hustle and bustle of cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff, and Glasgow to being able to enjoy the vast rural countryside that stretches up and down the British Isles, upon a visit to the UK, you will never be bored. To make sure you see and do everything, though, you are going to need to head out on your travels with an itinerary. That is the only way you are going to stand a chance of being able to enjoy everything that the UK has to offer!

When it comes to creating that all-important to-do list, make sure to include the six fun activities found below:

  • Experience Stonehenge At Dawn

When it comes to Stonehenge, you have two choices: sit in the A303 traffic jam and peer over at the famous momentum or really enjoy it up close and personal at the break of dawn. If you are a lover of a great, life-changing experience, then you should definitely choose the second option.

  • Walk Along Hadrian’s Wall

You might not be able to see it from space, but Hadrian’s wall is still a spectacular site that you should seek to lay your eyes upon. In fact, you should go one better than that; you should walk along it. As you follow the Hadrian’s Wall Path, you will learn all about the Roman Empire and how they managed to erect and engineer such a remarkable feat.

  • See A Show In London

Whether you are a fan of plays or not, seeing a show in London is definitely worthwhile. Whether you head to the West End or check out the Globe Theatre on the South Bank, you will definitely have a day to remember. You can find cheap London theatre tickets online, so this particular activity need not leave you cash-strapped.

  • Watch The Tennis At Wimbledon

If you head to the UK in the summer, then you should pay Wimbledon a visit. Being one of the world’s most famous sporting events in general, let alone just in the game of tennis, the memories you take from a day spent here will live with you for a lifetime. If you do choose this activity, make sure to indulge in some strawberries and cream and a cool glass or two of Pimm’s.

  • Lose Yourself In A Maze

Mazes are always fun, and there is no better one to lose yourself in than the Hampton Court maze. Covering a third of an acre, consisting of over half a mile’s worth of paths, and taking 20 minutes to reach the center (if you do not take too many wrong turns), this would be a fun day out for whole family.

  • Enjoy Fish And Chips On The Beach

The UK is synonymous with fish and chips, so it is only right that you enjoy this delicacy during a visit there. To go one step further, you should plonk yourself on a beach and enjoy your cod and beer-battered chips there.

If you want to make the most out of your next trip to the UK, make sure to consider giving the activities laid out above a go.

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