Six Surprising Facts About Iceland

January 16, 2019

Do you want to go out on an outdoor adventure? Why not try Iceland? The least populated country on earth, you will savor your trip there. To prove that, we are sharing a few things about Iceland that you probably did not know before:

1. Land of Vikings

Iceland is among the countries that are credited to be the land of Vikings. Surprising, even in the modern age, the people of Iceland still caters to traditional norms. For instance, a vast majority of the population still has given up on the native language, Icelandic. This is said to be the mother-tongue of Vikings. 

2. Iceland has no Mosquitos

If you are afraid of mosquitos or the nuisance they bring, then you might want to escape to Iceland. The land of Ice (rhetorically) is free of mosquitos. You will not be disturbed by them in the middle of the night. But why is Iceland free of them?

It is because the temperature is too cold for them. But, due to global warming, there have been some reports of mosquitos thriving during warmer months. 

3. Surnames Are Not Important

Thisis more of the culture of Icelandic people. They call each other by their first names, the concept of surnames is somewhat alien to the country. They don’t call out surname. Instead,they say daughter or son of.  

This way, women don’t have to change their names after marriage.  This same pattern is carried out to their phonebook. Another Hilarious fact is the first name has to be approved by the government you need to submit them for consideration and wait for their approval.

4. The Potato Land

Iceland is known for many things, including their love for potatoes. No, the country is not the biggest importer or exporter of it. Perhaps, it is the most available food. Everyone has a small garden in their home where they grow their vegetables. 

Thanks to the unique weather of Iceland, they cannot cultivate anything unless they do it in greenhouses. This is why potatoes are prevalent there. 

5. Geothermal Waters

Icelanders have a love of swimming pools and hot tubs. They are not afraid to show it realizing the fact that they live in probably one of the coldest countries in the world. That said, the country has a country of going into swimming pools and hot tubs after work. 

Icelanders even get together in geothermal hot tubs. It is more of their usual hangouts. It is normal for them to join each other in hot tubs and chat about their day. 

6. One of the Least Populated Country

Overpopulation is a critical issue around the world. Well, not for Iceland. This is one of the most sparsely populated countries. With the population of near 300,00, Iceland is perhaps the least populated country. 

This has its advantages. First space is not an issue, and nature is preserved. So, if you wanted to go out on an extreme adventure without navigating through the crowd, then you better visit Iceland. Try Voyage Prive Iceland to find better deals. 

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