The Truth About Male Dancers, Strippers, And Entertainers

March 24, 2019

Want to know the behind the scenes in the life of your gorgeous stripper? If so, we are talking about what it is really like to be a stripper in the entertainment business. A hint is that entertaining gorgeous ladies on a weekend is an excellent way to meet new and interesting people.

Strippers are handsome, fun, and charming young men. This is not arrogance, but more of a job requirement. They are polite. They have bodies that many women desire, and they are always in top shape. If you ever watched the film of Channing Tatum “Magic Mike”, you might see gorgeous abs at every turn, club parties, gorgeous ladies, amazing performances, and a lot more. You can read more about this movie in this link here. However, underneath all the layers of hunks, screaming women, and excellent dance numbers, you will also see male friendship and bonding. If you are fantasizing about being a stripper for a day, here are some of the things that you might experience in the entertainment industry:

What a Stripper’s Life is Really Like

1. Strippers Have Different Reasons For Joining The Entertainment Industry

Some of the male strippers joined the industry just to watch people’s reaction when they are asked the classic question of what do they do for a living. The attention can be addicting. Someone just wants to meet women, defy their families, or travel for free.

Most adult strippers join the club just to make money. Lots of it. They want to know who the big fishes in the industry and they try to make connections. Of course, stripping and entertaining is not a lifelong job. Some male entertainers retire to become entrepreneurs or go back to college to finish their degrees.

2. It Is Not All About Promiscuity

You might have heard about strippers who bed women left and right. However, this is not at all true with all male entertainers. Some of them enter the business for money and fun. Some even have serious relationships or are married! At the end of the day, most of them just want to go home to their comfortable beds and sleep like a baby. You can find strippers who have established rules by clicking the link to Majesty Male Strippers or other websites that offer similar services.

3. Not Fun Work At All Times

It is not always parties, drinks, and women all the time. As a stripper, most men have to wake up early to exercise. They need to take vitamins, work on weekends to practice dance routines, and they are called to work even on ungodly hours of the night because their fellow stripper did not show up on a hen party. A photo shoot in a 24 hour’s notice is also not new. They can go out for months without seeing their friends and families because of some tours. A lot of factors should be considered when you take on this job.

4. You Might Not Believe In Love Anymore

A lot of male strippers can make attest to this. Whenever they are on hen parties or performing at clubs, they are considered as objects of fantasy. Women throw cash and free love at them. Women even throw love at them and chase them before leaving a party. Love is offered 24/7 on a silver platter with garnishing.

Having married women or a woman in a serious relationship approach you to sleep with them will most likely make you lose your faith with love. Other strippers also see some women who are professing their undying love for their husbands at a party only to ask for sex from strippers before the night ends. Now, this does not mean that every woman does this. However, there are enough who are frequently asking for favors day and night. A male stripper is still a man who loves the thrill of the hunt. They might not appreciate something that is given to them easily and that includes love.

5. Some Of The Things That Make A Stripper’s Job Hard Are Also The Ones That Make It Great

As mentioned above, some of the difficult times that male strippers experience are to be away from friends and families. If one is new to the job, they will appreciate the free travel, food, fun, women, and their fellow performers. Some say that their work buddies became their closest friends over time. Some say that they believe that only a fellow stripper can relate to him and he can share secrets and experiences without the fear of being judged. Even if a stripper’s job is to entertain strangers in a foreign place, they can still meet and greet people like they are old friends. Some of their clients became regulars and knowing that you made a lot of people happy can be one of life’s treasured moments.

The main thing to remember is that being a stripper might not be an easy job at all. However, if you have the guts, the body, the attitude, and the charm, then you can earn lots of money at a few hours’ work. People will judge you if they do not have an open mind. Let them judge! In the meantime, Gatlinburg stripper rental has some of the finest strippers on offer.


If you are a woman who wants to hire a stripper for a night of fun, then you now know that their job is never easy. Respect them, because they are still human beings and not an object. Although, some of them might not like what they are doing, many strippers admit that a job is still a job. At the end of the day, some of them think about the people who have had fun, because of their performances. Sometimes, it is not all about the money. It is all about getting used to a job that can be fulfilling in its own way. As the saying goes, “to each his own”. Everyone has the right to make different choices and have different preferences about the work that they want to perform.

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