15 Practical Fashion Hacks and Tweaks for You and Everyone Else

March 25, 2019

Fashion is not about runways and glitzy galas. It is day-to-day life in action—clothes, shoes, and other accessories that you wear to work, at school, or at home. Whether you dress for comfort, for style, or both, you are expressing your fashion sense.

One of the biggest boons from the internet and social media is the easy access to useful tricks and tips related to shopping, clothing, and being best dressed on a shoestring budget. Fashion is one great free-for-all adventure with no hard-and-fast rules. Take a look at equally useful tips on just about anything related to fashion.

Here Are 15 Hacks for Fashionistas

1. Try on a coat, blazer, jacket, or suit and focus on the shoulders for two things: (a) the shoulder seams should fall without wrinkles, and (b) the shoulder width should be proportional to your head so it won’t look too small or big.

2. Wear a pencil skirt before or at the top of your knee to avoid cropping your legs. You can still don a long pencil skirt, but make it high-waisted to give your body form.

3. If you want to show some skin and look chic at the same time, balance the top and bottom. Say, pair a skimpy top with pants or skirts that offer full coverage, or wear your shorts or miniskirt with a shirt.

4. You can look like a high roller or a bartender depending on how you roll your sleeves. A quick tip: the only time you roll up your long sleeves high that they reach your biceps is when you are doing grease work.

5. Rolling your boyfriend jeans adds flair to your daily look. Roll the cuff loosely for a carefree vibe, or go for a crisp fold twice or three times for a polished look.   

6. Match your earrings with your face shape. For example, hoops, dangling, and teardrop earrings for square face shape; ear threads and drop earrings for round face type; and drop and triangle earrings for ladies with oval-shaped faces.

7. Neutral-colored pumps or shoes elongate your legs and make your body streamlined. They are also versatile with almost any type of clothes. Pick the shade based on your skin tone for that seamless effect.

8. Tuck flared or nontapered jeans into boots that rise above your knees or a bit lower for as long as they don’t reach your ankles.

9. You can still wear maxi dresses in winter by pairing it with a snug turtleneck and tights hidden under the dress. Tuck them in your ankle boots and socks.

Care for your Wares

10. Put your glasses in their proper case to prevent the heat from damaging or warping their frames. That’s another reason not to wear your glasses on your head.

11. If your closet space is cramped, line your shoes outside instead of putting them in their boxes. You can see them right away and pull a pair you like for the day.

12. When your snow or skateboard shoes have cracks, repair them with shoe adhesive that can also act as a sealant to prevent further damage on heels and soles. For dress shoes, go for a marker, shoe polish, or leather paint kit for a quick fix.

13. You may be off to fewer bad-hair days with satin or silk pillowcases. Their smooth surface reduces tangles and breaks so that your hair looks flowy when you wake up.

14. Light up your closet with motion-sensor closet lighting fixtures. These products are generally wireless, so you can install them yourself.

15. For moth-free or nice-smelling clothes, dryer sheets, essential oils, soap bars, and activated charcoal pouches are your deodorizers.

Fashion Is for Everyone

Nowadays, you can “werk it” without splurging or going beyond your shopping budget. The proof is in the popularity of thrifting, which has inspired YouTube vloggers and average folks who enjoy the hunt for clothes at affordable prices.

And these thrifted clothes can be sold again, so you can refresh your outfits without overstuffing your closet. You can sell some of these clothes online, along with other items you can source from local thrift shops and vintage stores. Thrifting makes one great fashion hack.

Don’t you love clothes and what goes with them? What’s one hack that you swore by and worked for you every time? Flaunt it in the comments section.

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