Ten Reasons Why You Should Travel To Asia In 2019

April 9, 2019

What people love about Asia is the fact that it is so different from the rest of the world! It is a must visit continent at least once in your lifetime to experience the paramount fixation in the world.

Asia is one of the biggest continents in the world and certainly one of the most beautiful too. One can experience lots of unusual things that make it seem dream-like. From the wandering grasslands of Kazakhstan to the muddled streets of Hanoi, Asia is a continent surrounded by only good things — such as adventure, comfort, and holiness — things that travelers have been searching for in Asia for centuries.

Things truly do seem like a dream unless you see them with your own eyes. The vendors trail around the crowded streets, shouting out their products such as potato cakes, snacks, samosas, biryanis, sweets, tea, and coffee. There are millions of people seated on seats, in the walkway, on beds, lynching out of doors, and gazing through windows. There is a busy street, full of energy, as the trains running through the track criss-cross the country from north to the southern side, eastern to the western side. Every country in Asia has a different experience and is a must visit for everyone.

Those who wish to visit the country surely plan to travel again soon. Here are the ten major reasons why you need to visit Asia:

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1. People

The kind, loving, and friendly people constitute Asia. The population of Asia constitutes 60% of the world and you are sure to meet there some interesting individuals with different characters. 

2. Appealing to Senses

The streets are filled up with aromatic aromas, bizarre spectacles, mouth-watering dishes, and mysterious overexcited chaos — delight your senses by relishing delicacies.  

So, if you love to explore new things, then do try some new cuisine. 

3. Very affordable

To travel around Asia will not cost you too much, just at an average of about $50 a day for two travelers. These figures are quite affordable on which you can travel with flight, balance your daily life, and enjoy reasonable food and drinking.

4. Tropical Island Paradises 

There are some seriously gorgeous islands where you can relax, go fishing, and party. Basically, you will be spoilt for your choices in Asia. You may even hesitate to leave the place after having so much fun. 

5. Diverse Festivals

The continent is also famous for some exciting festivals where you can find yourself walking in the middle of the streets. There are different cultures and religions and each one is totally different from the other. 

6. Big, lively Cities

There are some big, small, medium cities that constitute the whole continent. From Tokyo with about 35 million residents to Ho Chi Minh City with its 2 million residents, the Asian cities are truly incomparable and make other cities look like a village.

From the multiplicity in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to huge buildings in Shanghai and Hong Kong and complete confusion in Bangkok and Mumbai — each one totally vary. 

7. Local Markets

If you love money-saving then visit the local markets where you can bargain freely. Even if you do not enjoy shopping, still you can scrutinize what is available on sale and of how much price. The vendors sell out everything from clothing, food, animals, and weapons.  

8. Nightlife

The nightlife in Asia varies from city to city. You may find great exciting nightlife in Bangkok and modern cities like Hong Kong and Singapore offers great bars and clubs, but to experience the best nightlife, visit the beach and anticipate the best from the continent. 

9. Spiritual Architecture

Having diversity in religion and culture, Asia offers impressive architecture and historical sites. Most of them even allow tourists to explore inside out. 

10. Trekking

The most famous place for trekking in Asia is the Himalayas, which cross Nepal and separate India from China. There people can enjoy some of the most challenging treks in the world. To experience something less vigorous, the jungles of South East Asia are also a great point to enjoy trekking. 

Hopefully, the above ten reasons are enough to pull you to the continent and explore the beautiful cities of Asia!

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