Mompreneurs: How You Can Stay Productive Working At Home For Yourself

April 9, 2019

Starting a business online from home is far easier than it was in the past as businesses of all kinds utilize freelancers. You could have the skill of writing or web design and as long as the skill is in need you can make money. Building a client base can be tough, but with platforms like that of Upwork connecting with clients can be easy. Once you have an established client base optimizing your productivity will directly impact your monthly income. Being able to get an extra hour of work in per day can immensely change the amount of money left over after your expenses. Staying productive is going to be tough as a mother, especially over the summer as kids can be the ultimate distraction. The following are tips help a mother working at home stay productive while running her online business:

Start Early 

Starting early can be paramount to getting as much work done as possible, as getting in work before anyone else is awake leaves you distraction free. Keep a coffee or other caffeinated beverage on hand, as it can be tough to make it out of bed when nobody will reprimand you if you sleep in just a little longer. Even clearing out your email while sitting on a stationary bike in the morning can help you get a workout in as well, as get some work done. There are those moms that prefer to work at night, but after a long day with the family your motivation might not be there like it is in the morning. 

Get Healthier

Getting healthier is important when it comes to productivity, as you want to be as mentally and physically sharp as possible. Nutrition being on point can help with your productivity as certain foods do not help a person become more productive. A greasy pizza will make you want to take a nap far more than fill out a client’s monthly reports. You want to avoid that after lunch feeling of needing to take a nap by eating a healthy lunch.  The health blog Happy Body Formula can help you pick which foods to start eating for lunch as there is a plethora of information on health on the site. 

Sleep Better

If you are going to start your workday early you need to start getting better quality sleep. Waking up after only a few hours of sleep is not going to have you as mentally sharp, as you would want. Turning off your work device is imperative as a panicked email from a client late at night can give you issues sleeping as your mind races. Do not try to use alcohol to make it easier to sleep as alcohol impairs our ability to sleep deeply in the REM sleep cycle. 

Ban Kids And Your Spouse From Your Office During Certain Hours

Banning your kids, spouse, and attention starved pet from your office during certain hours. Your family is going to be a distraction whether they mean to or not so designating a room as your office needs to be done. Let your family know that being able to get work done quickly allows you to spend more quality time with them. Working in the kitchen might mean you are around the family but does not mean you can fully engage with them. Teenagers are going to be great for a mother that works from home as many teenagers go straight to their room and can care for themselves (for the most part). 

Working from home is a blessing, as you do not have to choose between a career and time with your family. Stay as productive as possible to maximize your income and allow your family to be as financially stable as ever!

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