Top Travel Tips for Uganda

April 9, 2019

Are you thinking of visiting Uganda for one or two weekends for a gorilla trekking or just a safari holiday? Do you know all the documentations, immunization and things you need to pack altogether? This brief explains it all. Uganda is one of the best places in Africa where you can take your vacation.

What should I pack?

I expect this is the first question that you have in mind. Uganda just like any other country in Africa has mixed climate. It’s not a surprise if you travelled on a sunny day and end up shivering the rest of the day. What am trying to say is that you should pack both light and heavy cloths. However, compared to other countries of the world, East Africa is hotter most of the days of the year. When you are packing, pack something you can be able to carry along-something light, compact and usually on your back.

Where can I hire a car in Uganda?

The next thing that you should know is Uganda car hire and most importantly how to do it. There are several places you can hire cars in Uganda. Most of the fleet consists of Toyota Rav4 and Toyota Land Cruiser that you can get affordable any time of the year. However, before you finalize the search, you need to read reviews and also determine the company’s reliability. You also have to ensure that the company you are settling for is the owner and they don’t subcontract to third parties.

Money and Budgeting

There’s no clear cut as to how much you should spend along the way. As a matter of fact, a trip to Uganda may range from Uber-backpacker cheap to a luxurious experience. All the experiences and the budgets will come down to what you want in Uganda.

What is the food like in Uganda?

When you are in Uganda, it’s very easy to settle for the food you want. However, this becomes very tricky especially when you are settling for local foods. Their foods usually consist of meat-based stews which can be accompanied with Ugali (from maize) or matoke (smashed bananas). You may also end up eating sweet potatoes and yams along the way. However, you can get all the foods you want in this country.

What is the currency?

When you are visiting Uganda, you also have to spare some time to learn the currency and the exchange rate. The official currency in Uganda is Ugandan Shilling. The good thing is that Euros, British pounds, South African Rand, US dollars and several other major currencies can be exchanged with ease in Uganda.


Just like any other trip, it is very important to stay healthy and safe along the way. What this means is that before you end to Uganda, you should make sure you visit your doctor for all the necessary vaccinations. The fact is that different countries will have different rules on Travelers but you should get immunization for yellow fever and typhoid.

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