Seven Tips To Help You De-Stress While Planning Your Wedding

April 16, 2019

When you first get engaged, there is a brief moment of Zen where everything is going right in the world. Then, the wedding planning process begins. While some brides have a super human power that allows them to keep cool under pressure, wedding planning makes most of us want to pull our hair out.

Planning one of the biggest days of your life can be an enormous amount of pressure. When you allow wedding stress to get the best of you, it can cast a depressing shadow over traditionally fun activities such as shopping for bridesmaid dresses or picking your wedding color palette.

So, how do you soothe your anxieties and let yourself enjoy the journey? Here are a few tips to help you de-stress while you plan your big day:

  • Delegate Wedding Duties

There is a good reason why most couples are engaged for just over a year. With an endless list of wedding to-dos, it usually takes an entire year to research vendors, create a guest list and figure out the logistics of your dream wedding.

But who says that you need to do it all alone? While it can be difficult for some brides to give up control, there are some things that you can and should delegate to others. 

For example, are you making DIY place cards and centerpieces for your wedding? Enlist your bridesmaids to help! Turn it into a little party with wine, snacks and music. These are the moments you’ll look back on with fond memories.

  • Sweat It Out

When you are swamped with wedding planning and life in general, finding time to sneak in a workout can be tricky. However, it is important that you make time if you want to achieve complete wedding Zen.

Establishing a regular fitness routine will not only help you look toned and fit on your wedding day, it can also do a lot of good for your mental health. Intense aerobic exercises (think biking, swimming, and tennis) can regulate your body’s stress response and release tension, improve sleep quality and have a positive effect on your overall mood.

Find a wedding fitness routine that works for you and commit to breaking a sweat for 30 minutes each day. Stick with it and you will soon notice that you are able to handle stress much better than you did before going on a fitness regimen.

  • Get Organized

In a perfect world, everyone would have their own wedding planner who could turn disorganized wedding planning chaos into a stress-free experience. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to hire a professional to do it all for them.

If you are taking wedding planning into your own hands, it is important that you stay organized. It does not matter whether you are using a digital tablet or simple pen and paper — stick to a single organizational method. With everything on a single planner, it will be less likely for things to fall through the cracks.

  • Carve Out Bonding Time With Your Bridesmaids

Spending time with your leading ladies is beneficial for everyone. In addition to helping you de-stress, making time for fun activities with your bridesmaids can also help everyone in your bridal party get to know each other better.

Besides, your bridesmaids have already helped you out with cake tastings, decorations and shopping for bridal accessories. Is it not time they had a break from wedding planning as well? Consider taking them on a short weekend trip or treat them all to manicures and pedicures. If that is out of your budget, invite them over for a movie and wine night. 

  • Reconnect With Nature

Is your brain completely zapped from all the stress of wedding planning? When things start to feel overwhelming, try paying a visit to your local park. Science has long since indicated that spending time in nature can make us feel calmer and more at peace.

In fact, a 2017 study published in Scientific Reports found that participants who listened to natural sounds had lower heart rates and higher activation in regions of the brain that are associated with relaxation. Do not have a park nearby? Sit outside in your backyard for a little while and focus on listening to the sounds of nature to put yourself in a relaxed state.

  • Meditate

While meditation is not new, it has been increasing in popularity lately for its purported mental health benefits. When everything around you is chaotic, sitting quietly for 10-20 minutes as you let your thoughts pass by can be exactly what you need to reset your mind. 

Although meditating sounds easy enough, it can be a challenge for those who are not good at sitting still and being alone with themselves. Of course, these people are the ones who usually can benefit from meditation the most! 

To help you become more present throughout the day, try downloading a guided meditation app such as Headspace. If you are struggling to stick with it, you might also try a licensed therapist who can guide you with a one-on-one meditation session.

  • Pamper Yourself

Every bride-to-be could use a little pampering and self-care. Before things become too frantic and busy, take the time now to plan little luxuries for yourself. If you’re a few months out from the wedding, now is a good time to schedule a facial or give acupuncture a try.

If the wedding is a couple of weeks away, book a massage for yourself and get another mani/pedi. 

Trying to watch what you spend? Pamper yourself on a budget by lighting a few candles and taking a hot bath with Epsom salts.

Achieving Wedding Zen

While these tips have helped countless brides relax before their big day, keep in mind that they may not work for everyone. Do not despair if your acupuncture and exercise did not magically cure your anxious thoughts! Just keep finding ways to reconnect with yourself and practice self-care. Before you know it, the big day will be here and you will have finally reached the finish line.

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