Andi’s Crazy Facts About Human Hair Wigs And Extensions That’ll Keep You Thinking

May 4, 2019

Surely you might have heard various types of weird things about human hair wigs and more. Well, wouldn’t you like to fact check them and also come across new weird ones too? Don’t you want to know what your favorite wigs brands are hiding from you? So without much ado, here are some interesting facts about human hair extensions and hair wigs that are sure to surprise you:

1) Let’s Talk Money

Did you know that hair wigs is a multi-billion dollar industry? Thanks to performers like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kardashians, etc. who have made it quite common to use hair wigs for a new look. This definitely got the audience’s attention which has now led to the creation of various luxurious lines of hair wigs and more. Comic cons among other dressing events are other major factors for their growing popularity.

2) What’s The World’s Biggest Source Of Human Hair?

It’s China and India! These two countries supply more human hair than any other country. Certain religious traditions ask for shaving of the head which means there’s more hair than one could ever think of. However, the hair collected from temples isn’t usually in the best shape which means that it sells for around $700 a pound as compared to exquisite virgin hair collected from Malaysia or China.

3) It Is Difficult To Make A Good Wig

If you will closely look into the type of really good wigs and how they are made, you will realize that a lot goes into the procurement of good hair, creating of the perfect wig base, and the right type of meshing so that the hair wig looks real. This is what leads to the creation of iconic wigs too. Your popular wigs brands have to do a lot to make their wigs look real and natural.

4)  Hair And Economics

In the history of wig making you will realize that the import of hair wigs has always been more in the wealthy nations and the suppliers have always been poor and developing nations like India and China. The scenario still remains the same with the US and UK being major importers of hair wigs. Africa also imports hair wigs on a large scale.

5) Blonde Hair Is Expensive

If you’ve got long blonde hair, you’ll make about $1500 for it. Blonde wigs are more in demand than any other color and who can blame them? Blonde hair has always been fascinating and still maintains the charm, it is also easy to give the blonde hair wig the desired shade as compared to any other hair color and hence the demand.

6) Synthetic Wigs Are The New Fad

With wig brands coming up with better and better synthetic fibers that give the wearer of the wig a really natural look, the number of people using synthetic wigs is increasing. Also, the prices of these wigs are pocket-friendly which makes the hair wigs affordable and accessible to all.

7) Wigs Are Short Form For Periwigs

Did you know that? Ha-ha! Well, it is true. Wigs were initially called periwigs and were used by the aristocracy only as a sign of wealth and display of power. Also, it might be interesting to note that wigs were initially worn by men, Kings if you must and then also in the English court which still is in fashion at certain places.

8) An Eek Fact

You can find hair in pizza dough too. Well, there are certain amino acids present in the hair which makes it a choice addition for the creation of good quality of pizza dough. Totally spoiled the fun!

9) People Prefer Wigs

Yes, some people prefer wigs over their own hair and honestly who wouldn’t? You get a wide variety of options to choose from and new looks to try for every occasion. With no hassle of hair-cut and styling every week, it comes as the most convenient and trendy option.

Hope you had your share of crazy wig facts today! We know you didn’t see that coming but this is how things are in reality. You just keep wigging and keep on flaunting your new looks wherever you go.

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