Which is the better shampoo: Khadi or Biotique?

June 2, 2019

As it is with our face, our hair gets dirty too. Although taking care of our face is easier, as we can see what is happening to it in the mirror, the same is not true with our hair. You may never understand how dirty it is or how damaged it is.

However, if you use the right shampoo for the problem, you are all set to go.

What kinds of shampoos to use?

Well, first things first, make sure that you choose an herbal product or a shampoo listed under natural beauty products. The point is that most of the shampoos contain hard chemicals, paraben for example, which are bad for your hair health.

What’s worse is that these hard shampoos leave your hair damaged and dry. Always look for shampoos that are natural and herbal. You could also try out organic shampoos for your hair.

Khadi vs.Biotique

Since it is mandatory for us to make sure that our hair stay healthy, it is crucial to choose the correct shampoo. Be it a Biotique Shampoo or aKhadi Shampoo, both of the shampoos are organic and natural shampoos. Meaning, these two brands do not use any kind of hard chemicals that would harm your hair.

However, the choice between the two can be tough. Now, let’s get certain things out in the open first:

  • Both of these brands are known for their natural line of beauty products. The shampoos too are all-natural.
  • Biotique is comparatively cheaper than Khadi shampoos.
  • There are multiple options for shampoos. You can find shampoos for dry hair, oily hair and many others.

Since that is out of the picture, let us discuss the quality of shampoos. In all honesty, these shampoos are all-natural and organic. However, Khadi’s products are a bit superior. Most of the Khadi Shampoo, which say that they affect certain things for your hair, do.

As per various reviews, customers found that the Biotique shampoo for hair fall did not have a desirable effect. However, Khadi’s anti-hair fall shampoo gave astonishing results. However, a fair point to be noted here is that customers also found that Khadi’s some shampoos, such as the anti-dandruff one did not work well but Biotique’s anti-dandruff (Biotique Neem and Margosa) did.

So, when you try to find a winner out of the two would be hard. However, here is a careful consideration to keep in mind Never Have I Ever Questions when you decide which one to choose:

  1. Although Khadi and Biotique shampoos are at par, the latter is affordable among the two.
  2. Both of the brands have a great line-up of shampoos. However, the price factor comes into play.
  3. You can find shampoos for pretty much every type of hair and condition.

So, when you decide to purchase one of these two shampoos, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. What purpose does the shampoo need to serve?
  3. Can I make use of this shampoo on a regular basis?
  4. Is the purchase going to be value for money?

With that in mind, you’d be able to choose the shampoo you need. As the best face moisturizer is required for your face, the best shampoo is required for your hair. However, remember that both Khadi and Biotique are good options, it is just about what you need and want.

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