Dos And Do Not Of Packing For College

February 5, 2022

Moving into a dorm can be an exciting step forward into adulthood as you pursue your college degree. But for many who just finished high school, figuring out exactly what to pack and how to do it can be difficult. Are you preparing for your move and looking for some advice on making sure everything goes smoothly? If so, here are a few dos and don’ts on packing for college. 

Do make a list of everything you are going to pack beforehand. 

From moving away to college or moving into a new house or apartment, it is crucial to have a list of items you want to bring to ensure you do not forget anything. For example, one important category of items you will need is your clothing. You will want to make sure you have pants or shorts, dresses or skirts, t-shirts or tops, and other items like jewelry or dress clothes. Let us say that you love studded heels. Making a list to ensure you have a few great pairs of high heels for the right outfits and in the right colors (nude, black, red) is a great way to prepare for your move. There are plenty of hot shoes with studs out there that you can bring with you to your campus — the more comprehensive your list, the less of a chance you will forget something along the way. 

Do not pack things without reading your college’s dorm guidelines first. 

Colleges often have very strict guidelines about what you can and what you cannot bring with you to your dorm. Some of the top items that you should not bring with you include appliances like mini-fridges, electric kettles, or even microwaves. The risk for fires also means that you should not have things like candles or incense in your dorm room. Your college may also prohibit specific devices like vaporizers. If you are unsure about something you want to bring with you, check with your college to see what they say. Not checking can mean having to throw something away or sending it all the way back home. 

Do make sure you have all of your necessary paperwork in place. 

If you are moving relatively far away from your home, you should double-check that you have all your essential paperwork with you. This means your social security card, birth certificate, and other items. You may also want paperwork that is specific to your college journey. For example, let us imagine that you received the support of college guidance consultants while you were a high school senior. You might have certain items that you used to formulate your college plan, paperwork about financial aid that your counselor helped you with, or even your acceptance package you received after successfully getting through college admissions. Whatever it is that you might need, take it with you. 

Do not forget to pack your most important essentials in a bag you carry with you. 

There are some things that you will want to stick in larger luggage while there are some things you want on your person, especially if you are flying. Items like expensive college tech can potentially get ruined if it is stuck under other bags or lumped together with toiletries that end up leaking. You might wish to put your headphones, laptop, and flash drives or hard drives in a backpack instead. You should also have your wallet, ID, and other financial or personal items in a bag that you can easily access too. If it is a long drive and you will be stopping at a hotel or two along the way, you might even want to consider having personal hygiene products in that bag that you can easily pull out when you need them.

Moving to a dorm is a unique experience and one that comes with a lot of doubt. Simplify the process and make your journey less stressful with the tips above!

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