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February 5, 2022

Nowadays, people are aware of advanced treatments to cure their problems. However, there are some who have no clue about such medical facilities. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cryotherapy are two popular treatments to cure various health issues. Not only disease sufferers athletes prefer to have these therapies to improve their performances. In this post, we will learn about these two incredible therapies. Also, keep reading to know the cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost.



What is Cryotherapy? Cryo word has come from Greek and is one of the best treatments to strengthen the immune system. The treatment is in practice despite cold water immersion. An individual stands inside the chamber or tank and is exposed to dry yet cold air, which is below-148º. The chamber contains nitrogen gas which is non-toxic in nature. Special outfits are provided when an individual is inside, mainly gloves, socks, and undergarments.

Why do People go for this therapy? The primary reasons for using this therapy are to improve sleep disorder issues, weight gain problems, and athletic recovery. Furthermore, many celebrities go ahead with cryotherapy to make their skin look beautiful and to combat ageing & wrinkles on their face. Also cheeckout  Oxygen Concentrator price.

Why is this therapy essential? It’s not only for older people; anyone can opt for this therapy. Athletes make sure that they use this therapy to overcome their chronic pain and, as discussed above, to increase the efficiency of the performance. It usually burns 800 calories in less than three minutes. One session can charge about £30, and monthly can be £110, which includes 5 to 6 sessions. However, the cost can vary based on individual health status.


Many people are looking for hyperbaric oxygen therapy near me to avail of the benefits. Before knowing about the advantages. Let’s know what HBOT is? It promotes the healing of the body by providing a great amount of oxygen. When 100 percent pure oxygen is breathed by the person, then all the damaged tissues start recovering. In reality, the oxygen level is 15 times more than the normal atmosphere. Also checkout information Oxygen Concentrators.

Why has it been used for more than decades? HBOT came into existence when it tried to save the lives of the U.S. military. Then some diseases were not cured by the therapy, then it was stopped for a while. Afterward, it again was implemented as doctors observed the marvellous results for the patients suffering from neurological issues, cancer, depression, and a few other acute illnesses.

Why is it considered wellness therapy? Many hospitals worldwide have the facility of chambers to help patients recover fast. As mentioned above, it recovers the dead tissues and promotes the new blood vessels in the body. People with severe skin burns can make the best use of this therapy.

The cost of the HBOT is expensive. It can range from £ 100 to £150 per session. That’s why some people prefer to have their personal chambers to avoid costly sessions. They can use it whenever they want to and save a huge amount of money.

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