Five Reasons To Visit Georgia

August 23, 2019

If you are just fed up of the modernist hyper-consumerist lifestyle, then you must travel to Georgia, a country with a glorious past in the Caucasus region at the crossroads of Europe and Western Asia. This 5th Century city on the banks of a river. If you are an adventure lover and passionate about socio-cultural history, then Georgia will definitely fascinate you. You will get an opportunity to explore old world architectural brilliance along with the fun of hiking and camping in nature. 

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Five Reasons to Visit Georgia 

This country offers you a harmonious blend of ancient and modernity along with a vibrancy of city life where you can enjoy the famous Georgian wine with Tamada. To help you decide better, here are five reasons to visit Georgia:

  • Pristine Nature 

Georgia is located mostly in the South Caucasus in a very mountainous area with the Likhi Range dividing the country into eastern and western parts. The country, between 41° and 44° N latitude, has a highly diversified climate zone, including a sea coast, mountains, an alpine zone, and a desert. The mountains to the north and the east protect it from the weather extremes. 

If you are passionate about hiking and camping, then Georgia is heaven for you, as you you can visit the Caucasus Mountains. Additionally, you can explore canyons, caves, lakes, and waterfalls or relax in world class spas.   

  • Classical Architecture

Your love for architectural history will get great satisfaction here as you will find several places to examine and learn the art. The country is a blend of Europe and Asia and you will get to see the marvels of the mastery mingling of art here. In capital city you will see the fortress ‘Narikala’ constructed in the 4th Century and the statue of “the mother of Georgia” ‘Kartlis Deda’. The old city is full of Georgian buildings and rest of the city is imprinted of Soviet and modern architecture.   

  • Europe’s Highest Villages

Bochorna in Kakheti at an elevation of 2,345 meters above the sea level and Ushguli in Svaneti, at 2,200 meters above the sea level are considered as the highest settlements in Europe. Ushguli is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  • Diversified Georgian Platter 

Culturally, the country is so diverse that you get a wide range of options of Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Russian foods all in one place. The Georgian cuisines are heavily loaded with meat and dough with an extra dose of cheese. If you are vegan, then you have several options of delicious vegetarian foods as well. The Khachapuri is considered as the national dish. 

  • Cultural Milieu  

You will get the best of the treatment from local people as they consider guests as a God-sent opportunity to serve. They will welcome you with open arms and invite you into their home like relatives. If you get an opportunity to attend a Georgian wedding, you will be surprised by their warmth and fun factor. Of course, you get the taste of the finest wines to enjoy the moment.  

  • Cost Effective 

Despite offering world class services with human touch, the country still is the best budget-destination. Most of the historical places have no or negligible entry fee. As compared to the nearest hot destinations, the country is relatively cheap in terms of hotel and food costs.  

Apart from the world class service and experience you will get hot springs, sea sports, and sulfur baths at several destinations to relax. Best people, best food, and natural landscape to unwind, what else one could expect at any destination?

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