Relocation Checklist: How To Prepare For A Move

August 25, 2019

So you have finally made the decision; you are relocating. Whatever brought about the decision is not as important as the decision you have just taken to move on. It is a leap and a step towards the future; it is time to finally make that move. Now, I know it seems like a really big step (it actually is!), but it is not entirely insurmountable. With proper preparation and with the help of best full service moving companies, you will find it quite easy. Your mental and physical strengths would both be put to test and so you need to be ready. Here are a few ways to prepare for relocation:

Researching Movers: The first step is to look for highly reputable and professional moving services. You should start this research way before the actual date of your move so that you will have time to go through different options and settle on the service that best suits your needs and budget, here’s the list of best out of state movers. Once you have found potential candidates, be sure to check their credentials, licensing, and reviews and get quotes.

Tell everyone important: Think of how unfair it would be if some friends decided to pay you a surprise visit, only to discover, you do not live there anymore! Not so cool, right? So, everyone who knows you and is important enough should be made aware of your relocation. Friends, neighbors, co-workers (even the grumpy ones), your doctors, and dentist. This can be beneficial to you, as well as they could help by referring you to other professionals in your new location. Utility companies should not be left out.

Change your address: In the midst of all the activities going on, send-off party at work, packing, and calling, it can be quite easy to forget, but please whatever you do, remember to change your address and change it in the important places. It can be such a headache when your mail is still being sent to your former residence, because you forgot to update them with your new address. You can change your address online by filling a change of address form. Set up your new address with the postal service and necessary utility companies; cable, telephone lines, electricity, your insurance companies, and just about every company you receive emails from.

Count the cost: When preparing for a move, you need to have a budget and a moving abroad checklist. Having these will help you know what you are working with and plan accordingly. For starters, write out the amount you are willing to spend towards your move. Then write down all the important things you need to do and break them into chunks of activities. From that, you will be able to see those that would require you to spend. For example, you write “packing” as one of the things you need to do. Activities under “packing” could include:

  • Get boxes for packing
  • Get tapes
  • Get markers for labeling boxes

I am sure you get the drill now. It might seem long and strenuous, but it is really worth it. You will not get to miss out on anything, plus it will serve as a moving guide for you! Preparing a budget will help keep you on the track of your expenses and coordinate your activities. Do not forget to leave some space on your budget for “emergencies” or “rainy day”.

Make a calendar: Your next step after preparing the budget is to make a calendar. Since you already have the activities you will be doing, why not set specific days and times to accomplish each task. In making a calendar for your move, you will need to consider how long you want your relocation to take, the break given to you at work for the move, and the distance of your new residence. Assign yourself daily tasks that will facilitate the move. Make use of post-it notes on the fridge, in front of your mirror, in the bathroom, and set notifications on your phone to remind you. 

Get packing and moving supplies: Since you have drawn out your budget already, getting supplies for your relocation should not be too daunting. By now you must have figured out whether you can afford brand new boxes or you need to get free ones. Local supermarkets and furniture stores could be of great help. You could also get boxes from the office or ask some friends who moved recently for theirs. It is advisable you get boxes of varying sizes since of course, you will be packing items of different sizes. Read this guide for getting the right moving supplies for your move. 

You should also consider the size of your new apartment; corridors and hallways and the best sizes of boxes that can fit or easily pass through. Getting the best tape is also very important. Strong, durable, and lasting tapes should be used. Proper labeling of boxes is very important, it will help you categorize your things. Heavy or fragile things should be labeled accordingly. Unwanted things that might not be useful in your new location should be properly disposed of.

Visit your new location: Of course, you should have seen the new place you are relocating to, but now that you are moving in there, you need to visit the place to see if there is anything that needs repair or installing. You could also get a mental picture of how you want the place to be; places that need to either be painted or covered in wallpapers, furniture arrangements, and measurements could also be taken. 

Hire a moving company: Since you already have your budget (we are going back to the budget thing again, I do hope you see how important it is), then you should know whether you can afford to hire a professional moving company. If your location is not so far and you do not have too much load to pack, moving by yourself is quite sensible, but if not I suggest you reconsider. Hiring an expert mover also has some benefits. You can read more about the potential benefits here. 

Depending on both your current and new location, there is an array of moving companies to pick from, but adequate research is required before you do any selecting. Find out about their quotes, insurance, availability, and if they are in line with your budget. Ensure you hire a moving company with very good reviews from the customers and compare with other companies. You will need all this information in order to hire the best moving company available. 

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