How To Compare Long Distance Moving Companies

December 27, 2021

Moving a long distance can be both exciting and frustrating at the same time. The frustration comes in when you are bringing a significant part of your belongings across the country (or overseas), but do not have a reliable moving company to lay your worries on. 

That is why it is crucial to know how best to compare and evaluate the top-performing long-distance movers to give your mind a rest. As such, this article gives you the five steps to take when shopping for a good moving company. 

Ask For Recommendations

Even in the digital era, nothing can beat personal recommendations from the people you trust. It not only gives you great reliability but also saves you time.

So, the first step when looking for long-distance movers is to ask family and friends for recommendations. Get 5-8 contacts and pick your research from there. If you do not know anyone who moved recently, go to the next step.

Search Online

Doing a quick google search and including “near me” on your search will give you all the long-distance companies operating in your area, e.g., search, ‘long-distance movers in my area, for example’ This is a great start. 

Alternatively, check pages like Yelp or Google Business. The sites encourage customer reviews and are likely to give you a better picture of the companies. Pick 5-8 companies from the search results and go to the next step. 

Contact The Companies And Ask The Right Questions

Now harmed with your list from point one or two above, contact the companies to get more information. But before you call or email them, you need to have a list of questions that you need answers to. For example, you might need to check whether:

  • The company is properly licensed, 
  • They have the necessary insurance, 
  • Restrictions on what to pack?
  • How long does a move like yours take, etc

Based on your needs and preferences, you will easily be able to do an elimination method that will leave you with 2-3 companies, after which you will request a quotation from each company. 

Get Quotations

Now that you have narrowed it down to two companies, it is time to compare the prices. Ask for the quotation directly from the company or online through Unpakt

However, always keep in mind that some companies have hidden charges that might not be clear and will only reflect on the invoice. So make sure to get a clear clarification before you commit. 

Keep Record

It is important to record all the information as you do your research. This will allow you to easily review, retract, recheck and rewind if you need to. So keep a simple excel or google spreadsheet with all the information acquired on your research journey. 

For example, if your last two companies do not meet your budget, you can easily go back and get quotations from other companies for comparison. 


If you made your list from personal recommendations, it might be easier to pick a winner because you already have a first-hand account from someone you trust. However, even from general research, you will land a good long-distance moving company after the end of it all. But above all, trust your gut feeling. 

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