The Ultimate Comfort & Convenience for Your Home: Automatic Window Shades

September 11, 2019

When it comes to embellishing your home interiors and exteriors, inspiration is always within reach. The quest for designing your home can lead to plenty of opportunities to explore the world of home furnishings, window treatments, furniture, and lighting solutions.

As home interior and window treatment trends continue to evolve each year, thanks to the latest technology you can easily upgrade your home’s style with automated window shades for homes. Just imagine, you won’t have to get out of your bed to block the sunlight when you are in the mood to snooze and sleep in on Sunday mornings!

Also known as motorized window shades, these window treatments were once regarded as a luxury item for decorating rooms. However, nowadays, they are a relatively affordable solution that maximizes the comfort level of your home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Motorized Window Shades

Before we dive into the discussion on why you need to buy automated window shades, it’s important to consider different factors when selecting shades.

  • The Compatibility of the Motor: You need to know which type of motor shade is compatible with window treatments.
  • The durability of the Motor: You need to check the warranty of the product and make sure that the shades are durable to withstand the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • Integration with the App and Remote Options: You can even operate the motorized window shades using your smartphone. However, you need to ensure that your smartphone device is supporting the app-based motor functions.
  • Quality of Customer Support Offered: Quality customer support and service is one of the pivotal factors when buying automated window shades. 

How Motorized Solar Shades are Powered

Ever wonder how motorized window shades are powered? To answer your question, the specific type of Rollac window shades receive power from various sources. 

  • Battery-Powered: The battery-operated motorized shades work on a simple basic principle. Instead of using a string, they contain a tube, which is installed at the top, helping to lift the shade. The battery is installed above the tube and connected to the motor for power.
  • Hardwired: If you don’t want to keep replacing the batteries at regular intervals, look for hardwired motorized shades. This type of automatic window shade runs on different voltage options and it is essential that they must reach a wall outlet. Hardwired-powered motor window shades are less expensive than battery-operated shades.
  • Solar Powered: Well if you are looking for the most cost-effective option then solar-powered motorized shades are the best choice. Also the biggest advantage is that they are always close to sunlight. All you need to do is install a solar panel system facing direct sunlight.
  • DC Power Adapter:  The motorized window shades are even powered through DC Power Adapter, another energy-efficient option. You can plug the DC Power Adapter into the outlet. The installation process is also extremely easy. You just need to install your window shades, switch on the power, and it’s good to go.

The Key Benefits of Installing Motorized Window Shades

Congratulations! You are upgrading your window shades to a technologically advanced solution. By choosing the modern window treatment services, you are making your life much more comfortable and easy-going. But that’s not all. Motorized window shades offer many other benefits on the trot. Let’s highlight a few of them.

  • The Best Option for High Windows

If you have high windows and you aren’t able to reach them, motorized shades are the best option for out-of-reach windows. You can control the automatic shades from any height to obstruct the sun’s rays. 

  • Perfect for People with Mobility Restrictions

Motorized windows are a perfect choice for people who suffer from mobility restrictions such as elderly or disabled persons. They don’t have to reach out to the window to open or close it, they can set the time automatically based on their needs as when they want the sunlight and when they desire privacy.

  • Convenience and Home Protection

One of the biggest bonus points that go in favor of motorized shades is sheer convenience and protection against the sun.  It is quite easier to lift and lower them at the same time. It saves a lot of your valuable time so why not grab the opportunity?

  • Your Step to a Smart and Automated Home

At a time when people are looking for smart and automated homes, you should not lack behind. Motorized window coverings are a path leading to home automation. You can automate everything from window treatments to lighting solutions.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

If you think that motorized window treatments are costly products, think again. It is a cost-effective product that suits the budget range of every individual buyer.

On An Ending Note

Get ready to take your window shades and treatment to the next level with the automatic window coverings. Surely, the motorized shades add a special ambiance into space with a facility of both power and remote access. Also, with the use of the latest technology, it offers a myriad of benefits including comfort and ease.

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