Seven Summer Prepping Ideas For Your Home

September 6, 2019

Summer comes with a lot of heat and you need to prepare for it. You do not have to wait for the heat to catch up with you since you will not enjoy the season if you are not ready for it. Here are some great summer prepping ideas for your home:


Change your bedding

In the cold seasons, most people use heavy bedding to keep them warm and comfortable. You need to change it to lighter and breathable bed sheets for the summer. In the summer, your sheets will get dirty quicker since you will sweat more. Remember change them more often. 

Check your cooling unit

You will need the help of a cooling unit to keep your home cool and comfortable. Do not wait until the heat starts making your home unlivable before you check your air conditioner. Make sure your AC is functioning as part of prepping your home for summer. Clean the unit while you are at it. If the unit has a problem, call in the technician to check up on it. 

Clean your gutters

You should also clean your best gutter covers in the process of prepping for the summer. The summer comes with some heavy downpours that can cause flooding. You will not want to get your home flooded, because your gutters are choked and the water cannot escape. Cleaning your gutters is also a way of preparing for bushfires. These fires are fueled by debris and other combustible elements in your gutters. Hence, once you clear them, you are reducing the risk of fires. 

Prepare the pool

The summer heat makes the pool inviting. People are always tempted to take a plunge in it when the heat becomes too much. Get your pool ready for such unplanned pool dives and parties. Make sure that your pool is clean and your filters are functioning properly. You should also ensure that you have an adequate stock of chemicals for your pool. 

Attend to your garden

The period before summer is the best time to do some planting, weeding, and mulching. This is because there will be lots of gardening activities to do in the summer. You and members of your family can spend some time in the garden tending the plants. You will also need to water your garden during the summer. While preparing your garden for the summer, check if the irrigation system is functioning correctly and the fencing is done or not. Get in touch with State Fencing to make the fence properly.

Clean your lawn furniture

The warm weather makes it appealing to spend more time outdoors. You will be hosting visitors who will love to spend more time out in the lawns. If the lawn chairs are packed in the garage, get them out, and clean them. Wash your cushions if they are dirty. Keep your lawns down and make sure the place is organized

Get ready for bugs

All the insects that were dormant in the cold season will come out during summer and you need to prepare for them. Clear debris and piles of leaves around your home. You should also check your home for cracks in windows and doors and seal them. Sealing them will help you to keep the bugs out. You should also have insecticides available for when the bugs come out. 

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