Keep The Hot Air Out Of Your Home This Summer

June 21, 2022

Welcome to summertime! The hottest days of the year are ahead of us, and frankly, we are all worried about our comfort. Indeed, every summer season seems to be getting hotter — hello, climate change — and it’s tough to keep the house comfortable. 

If you have not already, now is the time to check your cooling unit and make sure it is fully functional. The last thing you want in the middle of a heatwave is to discover too late that your HVAC does not work anymore. Take the time to book a servicing appointment and get the air filter replaced before the summer heat takes you by surprise. 

What makes your home uncomfortable in summer? 

Hot air finding its way inside can elevate indoor temperatures and make your home unpleasant, stuffy, and sticky. There is no point having your air conditioner on when you keep introducing heated air at the same time! So, your priority to maintain a fresh and cool home is to keep the hot air out!

Have your roof checked and repaired

Cracked or missing roof tiles can let the summer air through. You may not be able to see whether your roof is damaged, so it may be useful to arrange for regular checks as part of roofing maintenance. A professional can help repair minor damages in no time and prolong the lifetime of your roof. 

Did you know that the roof is the most likely area to increase your home temperature in summer? Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to ensure the roof can protect your property effectively. 

Insulation is a game-changer

Approximately 90% of American homes lack proper insulation. It does not mean that your home is not insulated, but the insulation in place is not sufficient. In other words, despite being insulated, your home could let the hot air through even when there is no visible leak or damage to the external structure. 

The two main areas you need to check are the under-roof spot and your walls. Thankfully, there is a simple test: If it is hot to the touch, the insulation needs redoing. So, if your main structural walls are hot (from inside) or if the ceiling just under the roof is, it means you should get in touch with an insulation expert. 

Proper insulation will serve many purposes. Firstly, it will prevent overheating in summer. But it will also maintain the home cool for longer, reducing energy costs when you turn the HVAC on. 

Create a ventilation routine

You should renew your indoor air regularly. Even with the best efforts, the air inside your home may get a little warm or simply feel stuffy. Therefore, it can be helpful to open all the windows for 30 minutes to 1 hour every night to refresh the air. 

This will instantly cool down your home, ensuring you can sleep comfortably. It will also make your AC system more effective, reducing energy bills. Additionally, it will help re-oxygenate your home, which will make it feel fresh instantly. 

Are you ready for the hot summer ahead? Summer nights can get uncomfortable, depriving you of rest through the hot temperatures. Therefore, learning how to reduce air infiltration and make the most of the coolness indoors can ensure you stay cozy at home. 

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