Retro Trends That Are Coming Back In 2019

September 19, 2019

Do you remember the saying that fashion trends come and go? Well, that’s entirely true. Every 10 or 20 years, trends make a comeback on the fashion scene. You can easily notice this just by looking at some of your parents’ or even grandparents’ old clothes. If they looked outdated and funny 5 years ago, now are avant-garde.

When you think about it, trends never die. They just go in and out of style. Here are the retro trends you are going to see on dress form mannequins in 2019.

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Retro Swimsuits

Many retro clothing items make their comeback this year, not just everyday clothes. The well-known one-piece swimsuits, underwire bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms, like those of seafolly, will rule the beaches. You can also expect swimsuits with retro prints, gingham designs, and embroidered accents.

High Waist Denim Skirt

High waist denim skirts are back this year. And, we love them more than ever. They are easy to combine and suit all body types. They go with casual and sport style; just change your flats with sneakers and you are ready for a walk. You can wear them when going to town, to work, or in the park.

Denim Shirt and Jacket

Another two denim pieces of clothing come back this year. Both shirt and jacket are the right choices for a great everyday look. Just like the skirt, you can wear them with sports and casual clothes. For instance, you can wear a denim jacket over a dress or combine it with a T-shirt and leggings. Similarly, you can wear a denim shirt with leggings or jeans, with flats or sneakers.

High Waist Trousers

If we couldn’t imagine ourselves wearing high waist trousers, now we can’t imagine not wearing them. They can be easily combined with one-coloured t-shirts and flats when going on a coffee with friends. You can also combine them with a shirt and shoes or heels when going to work.

Boyfriend Jeans

They are the must-have piece of clothing for this year. With their high waist and airy thighs, they can suit most body types. Plus, you can wear them with a t-shirt and flats for a casual look or with sneakers for a more sportish look.


Dungarees or overalls were a hit in the 80s and 90s. Then, they vanished from the fashion scene. Actually, we could only see them on toddlers and younger kids. But now they have returned and found their place in the stores. You can choose between short and long, but make sure you combine them well, so you look stylish.

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