Tips for travelling with large family from Phuket airport to your resort

September 25, 2019

Travelling alone is easy but when doing so with a large family it becomes a different issue. A family vacation is the best thing that you can ever do for your kids.  However, there is usually a lot of stress that comes with travelling with the kids. You not only have to pay attention to all their needs but also ensure they have a great time. This does not mean you give up on the long awaited family holiday and just stay at home. There are better alternatives and ways to make things easier for you. Phuket Airport Transfer from intuit travel will make your experience unforgettable.

It’s always a hassle moving the entire family from the airport to the resort. This is most especially if there are so many of you. Well, there is a solution to that. I have provided some tips that may be useful and will definitely make your family vacation in Phuket memorable.

Pack only what you need

If there is anything that will delay all of you is heavy and too much luggage. The fact that you are travelling with kids may prompt you to take almost everything that you think they will need. However, this is never a good idea because you will not only get sore arms but you might have a hard time moving all that luggage while at the airport.

In this case, pack only what is important. All the other items can just be bought at the destination.

Carry your own snacks

Travelling with kids can turn into a hectic affair when they get hungry and you have nothing to offer them. That’s why it’s a good idea that you have some snacks with you. Even when travelling to the resort, it won’t be necessary to stop along the way so that they can eat. As long as you have something to give them, they will be just fine.

Choose a convenient location

Don’t tire out the family by choosing a resort that is far away from the airport and attractions.  The resort should be close to the airport and located near many of the sites you will be visiting. Phuket airport transfer can take your whole family from the airport to the resort within the shortest time possible.

Book a family van

Long flights are already hard enough for you children. Subjecting them to uncomfortable taxis or an overcrowded bus can be too much. On the other hand, you can just book Phuket airport transfer and your entire family will have a smooth travel from the airport to the resort. Remember, you are travelling with kids and they have to be comfortable and happy.

Ask for child discounts

Well, family holidays can be super expensive. For this reason, there is nothing wrong with requesting for a child discount. As a matter of fact, you will be surprised that many people are actually willing to give a discount. In this case, save some money by requesting for a discount on transportation. If they have good deals and offers then waste no time in jumping at the opportunity.

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