A Rundown On Wedding Day Insurance

November 29, 2021

If there is one thing that men and women from all over the world share a whole lot of anxiety over, then it is probably weddings. It can be hard and confusing to wrap your head around all the details, ranging from your guest list to what color napkins you want to be placed on the tables.

Unsurprisingly, roughly about 20% of all weddings are called off. With such a high percentage, it is only expected that the bride and groom virtually quiver with fear at the thought of conducting their wedding.

While many things can go wrong during a wedding, the best option instead of despairing is insurance. Whether you know it or not, wedding insurance is considered a necessity by most event hosts.

Here is a quick breakdown as to the benefits of wedding day insurance!

Why Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Weddings are very costly. The odds are that you have spent a fortune on setting everything up.

Imagine, then, if some tragedy was to happen as the two of you are just about to kiss on the podium, such as one of your guests knocking down extremely expensive audio equipment, bringing about tremendous expenses you simply cannot cover.

“Cover the expenses?” you might say. “But they knocked it over!”

You are right — from an ethical standpoint. However, US law has it so that the host of an event is solely responsible for the safety of their guests. So, if one of your guests trips on a flight of stairs and stubs their toes so badly an ambulance has to pick them up, then it is you and you alone who is held liable.

This is where insurance comes in. In a scenario like this, the guest would typically consider what they would get out of a lawsuit and potentially file a claim. However, hiring a lawyer or attorney to defend your case can be just as costly as the wedding.

The truth is that being the host of any large event can be not only difficult but hard to manage, even when you have a wealth of experience. Therefore, more veteran event hosts always opt for event insurance regardless of venue.

The alternative would be paying several thousand dollars out of their own pocket in order to succeed in the case. On the other hand, insurance typically costs less than 5% of the sum that it covers.

Talk about a deal, right?

One Horrible Wedding Story

This story was taken from Sarah, 58, from Lincolnshire — now Missouri — and serves as a reminder that the worst can happen when you least expect it.

Botched Bouquet Toss

A lot of people try and make their weddings fancy. This particular pair of lovers, however, decided that pyrotechnics would be fitting decor for a wedding.

“Was marrying my husband, with whom I’ve been for [15 years] so far,” Sarah was saying. “So I was just about to do the old bouquet toss before realizing that one of my bridesmaids had a wardrobe malfunction. Was quite anxious from the wedding and tipsy, you know, so I pointed at her to tell her she needs to pull up her dress… at the exact same time I threw the bouquet.

Needless to say, the bouquet was thrown in a completely different direction, landing in the pyrotechnics and setting a chair and two table cloths on fire. I tripped and ripped my wedding dress from neck to navel. Worse, the venue owner was furious and squeezed us for every penny to ‘make things right.’ Dreadful.”

That story is horrible enough to make most people think twice about not purchasing insurance. What about you?

Do Not Risk It, Be Safe

Spending several months planning a wedding and then going through an unfortunate disaster is enough to depress even the most optimistic people. Do not let chance or fate negatively affect the most important moment of your life!

Opt for wedding event insurance and rest easy at night instead.

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