Gate Installation in Norman, OK: Tips On How To Protect Your Property

October 13, 2019

A functional and attractive fence is a factor that can affect the value of your property. Aside from aesthetic purpose, fencing is the most effective way to limit your lot from neighboring lots and the best solution to keep kids and pets inside and strangers out of your property. Has your RV gate sustained damage? Is it getting too old to operate correctly? Contact our team anytime for prompt and high-quality rv gate repair.

When planning your fencing, Top Quality Doors suggests thinking about what your yard is for and who will use it. That way, you will be able to determine the degree of protection you need. And by that, we mean not only the dimensions and material of the fence, but also all the accompanying equipment and security systems.

Clearly, the level of protection is not the same as residential and commercial buildings. Also, your budget plays a significant role in choosing fencing and gates. But when it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, you really should not cut corners on this.

Automatic Gates as the Best Choice

Sure, wooden fences are attractive and give your property a slightly rustic look. But if beauty is not your priority, automatic gates are the thing for you. It is not like they cannot be designed and made to look good, but in comparison to wood, they offer significantly less processing flexibility.

But wooden fences are very accessible for criminals because they are easy to break and destroy. Security systems in automatic metal gates (on a metal or concrete fence) look professional. It is a high chance that they will reject those who want to do something bad to you or your property.

House owners get access to automatic gates via radio waves, i.e., remote control. Today’s technology is very advanced, and it is possible to operate the gate from a long distance, even though there are physical obstacles (housing, trees, and vehicles). 

Specialized software and applications that you can install on any smart device are in charge of this. Although, the safety standards of today are on a higher level, it is still advisable to open and close the yard entrance when you are very close to it.

Sliding Entrance for Greater Security and Convenience

Slide driveway gates also belong to automated systems, but the mechanism of operation is different from swinging gates. They are an alternative for installation in yards where there is not too much space for swinging parts or there are slopes that obstruct their opening.

If you are in doubt which type of fencing to build, read here the pros and cons for both systems:

There are even specially designed telescopic sliding systems. They find a place at very small spaces that are left as the entrance to the property. Due to the ‘folding’ mechanism, coming inside and going outside from the yard are done smoothly. 

All automatic gates are made of metal (basically), but can be decorated with wooden details or combined with fencing made of firm, concrete walls. Steel is most often galvanized and galvanized, to be further reinforced and to extend its life span.

Additional Security Features

Electric fences with automated gates are the primary protection systems. Since they are quite massive, it is difficult to destroy them. Considering the weight and dimensions, automated gated move quite quickly when given a command via a remote controller. You can find the working principle of automatic gates at this link.

If you want to take your security to an even higher level, there is a whole range of additional features that you can install in your fencing. In the first place, we have video surveillance, which is the primary line of defense against illegal activity. 

Modern security fences have adequate signaling and devices that emit warning sounds if touched or activated by a sensor (alarm systems). Most commonly used are photoelectric or pressure sensors, hidden so well that criminals do not even notice them. All these characteristics are designed to prevent potential risk situations in your property caused by the human factor.

Because protection systems cost a lot, installing security fencing can affect the price of your property. The initial costs are high, but they will save you of torture, stress, and additional expenses that can occur as a result of theft or any other crime.

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