Best Places to Watch Fireworks for Adventure Lovers

January 8, 2020

If you are all about delightful experiences, finding the best places to see fireworks might be a great way of getting to experience it all, right before you. Fireworks often feel magical, so are the places you can go to to watch and enjoy them. So which are the best places to watch fireworks and where can we see fireworks better than anywhere else? Continue reading as you will get to know about your next fireworks watching destination and possibly get to experience fireworks better than ever before! 

1. Walt Disney World – Orlando

The first thing we often think of when we hear of Disney World is most likely magic and fairytales. In Orlando, Walt Disney World, they do not need a decent reason to enjoy the fireworks, here every single day is a good reason enough to see the fireworks. Walt Disney World has been famous for its beautiful firework displays and it is certainly one of the reasons many visitors decide to give it a visit. For the best firework experience upon visiting Walt Disney World in Orlando, you will want to get your spot right in front of Cinderella’s Castle. Picking this spot will allow you to see the adorable Tinkerbell fly through the sky and you will feel as if you are part of the magic yourself. 

2. Sydney Harbour – Sydney

While Disney World might not need a reason for fireworks to make them happen, Sydney Harbour located in Sydney surely stands out upon lighting the sky up on New Year’s Eve. Upon visiting Sydney Harbour you will be overlooking the famous Sydney Opera house and enjoy the breathtaking fireworks that are something to remember for life. 

3. Old Orchard Beach – Maine

Fireworks in Old Orchard Beach are real art in the sky. You can join the parties, participate in various events and enjoy a stunningly beautiful fireworks display. While it is a great place to visit as a couple, Old Orchard Beach in Maine is also one of the great places for singles vacation too! Try out great food, explore a variety of shops and take a rafting tour!

4. Esplanade Brigade – Singapore

Who would not like enjoying a nice closeup of the fireworks combined with free music and amazing time? Located very close to Marina Bay, Esplanade Brigade in Singapore is one of the places you will need to visit as a true adventurer and a firework fan! 

5. Primrose Hill – London

If you ever get a chance to watch fireworks in London, make sure you do it from Primrose Hill. As one of the best places you can go to see the beauty of the fireworks, Primrose Hill is also full of beautiful views. 76 meters up in the hill, this beautiful landmark has illuminated many nights and has brought many happy faces along the way. 

6. King’s Domain, Treasury Gardens, Docklands and Flagstaff Gardens – Melbourne

Melbourne is known for its great fireworks and amazing places you can go to to enjoy them fully. There are four live sites for fireworks viewing in the City of Melbourne – King’s Domain, Treasury Gardens, Docklands, and Flagstaff Gardens. All these sites usually offer entertainment, food, live music and a lot of fun! If there is any place you should really need to visit as an adventurous fireworks fan, it is certainly Melbourne. 

Whoever says fireworks are not magical, has no idea of how beautiful they can really be. Watching fireworks with your loved ones and experiencing its beauty all at once is truly something to remember, and if anything, it is usually very colorful too!

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