January 15, 2020

If your vacation for this year includes a trip to UAE, then Desert Safari Dubai must be on your itinerary. It might sound like a hyped-up activity but once you are in the desert, you will definitely feel the thrill that people cannot stop talking about.

Starting The Desert Safari Dubai

You can book with any company for the safari trip. Depending on your arrangement, they will either pick you up from your hotel or you can meet them at a pre-planned point. You will be seated in a 4×4 jeep or Land Cruiser, which will be the vehicle for this journey.

Your driver will tell you about the country, the rich history and the significance of the desert in Arabian culture. The Bedouin tribes reside in this region so you will hear about them a lot. Once you reach the desert, prepare for the most thrilling and fun-filled ride of your life. It is in your best interest if you fasten the seatbelts and get ready to be blown away by the speed of your vehicle. Want to know more Desert Safari Dubai.

The vastness of the desert might intimidate you but the drivers know it like the back of their hand. They will take you through the desert, at unbelievable speeds, taking impossible-seeming turns and tilts. During the safari, you will see remains of vegetation and wildlife including reptiles and raccoons. One of the most beautiful sights that you will experience in your life is the sun setting against the backdrop of this huge desert. read about Arab Influencers

The ride is not the only bumpy part of the safari. You will also get an opportunity to ride on the back of the king of the desert; the camel. This is normally a part of the safari but you should confirm at the time of booking.

Heading To The Camp

After the ride, you will be taken to the camp where shisha, with multiple flavour options, will be waiting for you. While the ride empties your stomach and makes your insides turn over, this part of the Safari fills you up with a five-course. Let your taste buds experience the deliciousness of an Emirati meal, with live entertainment in the background.

You will see all kinds of talented experts in the camp. This tent is where you will find food, henna artists, belly dancers, dates and warm drinks. When you find yourself in this oasis, surrounded by the desert and premium ambience, you will want the stay to extend for a much longer time.

Types of Desert Safari Dubai

There are different types of Desert Safaris that you can choose from. Some of the options are as follows:

  • Safari and Quad Bike
  • Safari and BBQ Dinner
  • Morning Safari
  • Sunset Safari
  • Luxury VIP Safari

Before booking, make sure that you have confirmed the details. Whenever you are in Dubai, going on a Desert Safari is a must. There is a safari for every budget option, ranging from basic to VIP. Make sure to take lots of pictures and let the adrenaline fill you up to the brim.

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