Best Plants To Fresh Up The Air In Your Home!

January 15, 2020

Featuring live green plants in the home has become a trend in both interior design and wellness. The idea is that living plants help us reconnect with nature and reduce stress while purifying the air.

If you love the look of lush greenery in your home and want to breathe a little easier, consider placing plants around the house or the apartment. Here are some of the best plants to freshen things up inside.


Lavender is one of the most commonly used plant elements in aromatherapy and relaxation. This mild, floral scent is said to help reduce stress and anxiety, helping with sleep and mindfulness meditation. Visiting the lavender fields in the summer has become a favored pastime for many who live nearby.

Fortunately, you can bring home a taste of the floral fields and buy lavender to grow at home. Use a small pot to grow your lavender, as it thrives in tight quarters. Mix the soil with lots of room for drainage, as lavender thrives in dry heat. Water your lavender plant weekly. Give it a good soak then let it dry over the next six days.


Lemongrass is an easy herb to grow both indoors and out in your garden. This lovely plant emits a soft citrusy scent that brings life to the room in which it grows. 

In addition to purifying the air around you, lemongrass makes an excellent addition to Asian cuisine. Rather than growing this plant from a seed, you can replant stalks from specialty food stores that still have bulbs on the bottom. 

Lemongrass thrives in sunny windows. Keep it near a heat source without being too close, and water it regularly. Lemongrass will grow to meet the space available. If you plant it in a large pot, you can expect to have tall grass that breathes life into a stale room.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is well known and loved for its medicinal properties. This plant also has a beneficial impact on the environment around it by purifying the air. 

Aloe loves the sun. While it makes for a good desk plant that doesn’t see direct sunlight, it will thrive in a sunny window. If you take care of it and make sure it gets a lot of sunlight, you may even see it bloom! Give your aloe lots of room to grow and water it sparingly. 


The dracaena is a tropical plant that even those lacking a green thumb will have a hard time killing. This small tree-like plant is exceptionally hardy and known for improving the air quality in your home.

Dracaena plants do best in indirect sunlight. If you place it near a sunny window, always keep a sheer curtain between the window and the plant to prevent scorched leaves. Water sparingly or mist the leaves and top of the soil every couple of days. If your dracaena’s top leaves start to turn yellow and brown, it could indicate overwatering or too much sunlight. However, yellow leaves on the bottom are typical, as this plant often sheds as it grows. 


There are many breeds of ivy that make for great house plants, all with air purifying effects that you’ll love. The most common indoor breed is English Ivy, which is known for drastically reducing allergens and mold in the air. 

Ivy looks beautiful in hanging baskets and spaces where it can climb and thrive. Many find ivy harder to kill than it is to keep alive due to its aggressive nature. This quality makes it an ideal indoor plant as it can wreak havoc on other plants and house siding when used outdoors.

By bringing a taste of the outdoors into your home, you can drastically improve the air quality and bring your house to life.

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